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Sara Carter Slams the Deep State for Targeting Trump: 'This Is Witch Hunt 2.0'

Sara Carter Slams the Deep State for Targeting Trump: 'This Is Witch Hunt 2.0'
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Appearing on Fox News with Gregg Jarrett, conservative podcaster and journalist Sara A. Carter took aim at the “deep state” targeting President Donald Trump. According to Carter, the attacks against Trump are nothing more or less than a “Witch Hunt 2.0”

“The anger and the backlash,” Carter said about liberals’ reaction to Trump making sure that his ambassadors do what he wants, “is unbelievable. And this is something, it’s really quite extraordinary. I call it Witch Hunt 2.0. This is now Witch Hunt 2.0, with Ukraine.”

The first witch hunt (Witch Hunt 1.0, I guess) was, according to Carter, the Russia collusion hoax. Once it became clear that there was no collusion, leftist haters of the president switched gears. They simply switched from Russia to Ukraine, and ta-da: they’ve got themselves a new “conspiracy.”

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett then pointed out to Sarah A. Carter that the Ukraine whistleblower’s lawyer tweeted several years ago that he and his fellow lawyers were setting up a case to impeach the president in what he called a “coup.” In other words, the entire Ukraine saga is nothing more or less than yet another chapter in Democrats’ attempt to bring down a democratically elected president just because they disagree with his politics. They aren’t outraged at all. Quite the opposite is true, even: the whistleblower gave them a new pretext to bring down Trump.

Carter said the lawyer, Mark Zaid, “didn’t just appear out of thin air. Mark Zaid has been around for a long time. He has been closely connected, of course, to the U.S. intelligence community, he has represented other CIA officers as an attorney for them, he very much knows what’s going on in Washington, and he’s very much against Trump.”

“This isn’t about whistleblowers just coming from anywhere,” Carter went on to say, “this was specifically targeting whistleblowers that wanted to go after President Trump. Basically, the deep state. The bureaucracy. People that wanted to target him. And this is what they’re doing. And he made it perfectly clear in 2017 that a coup was coming and that it would be led by attorneys.”

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