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Code Pink Radicals Continue to Occupy Venezuelan Embassy in D.C., Cry Foul When Electricity is Cut Off

Code Pink Radicals Continue to Occupy Venezuelan Embassy in D.C., Cry Foul When Electricity is Cut Off
Protesters from the group, Code Pink, hold up signs about guns as Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., arrive to testify at a hearing on the Parkland, Fla., school shootings in March 2018. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Code Pink often pretends that it’s simply a “peaceful” leftist organization that’s critical of foreign interventions. They don’t hate America, capitalism, or democracy, they just want the American government to leave other countries alone.

Well, that myth now truly belongs on the dust heap of history. For the last month Code Pink activists have been occupying the Venezuelan embassy in Washington D.C. Not in protest, but in support of the government led by socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

That’s bad enough, but what’s even worse is the way The Washington Post writes about the occupation. You see, according to the leftist newspaper, we really should feel terribly sorry for Code Pink because the embassy has been surrounded by pro-opposition protesters who refuse — yes, they refuse! — to go away.

With no electricity, activists who have been living inside the building are adjusting to the latest obstacle in their month-long occupation of the embassy.

Getting food inside has been one of the biggest challenges for the past 10 days, with anti-Maduro protesters and Secret Service barricades blocking most of the doors. Then Thursday, activists announced they would be cutting back on their primary source of communication with the outside world: social media. With no power to charge their devices, there will be less tweeting and fewer video streams…

About two weeks into Code Pink’s residency, Venezuelan and Venezuelan American protesters began to gather outside. They have not left since.

Note, the ones occupying the embassy are (liberal, duh) Americans from groups like Code Pink, Answer Coalition, Popular Resistance and Black Alliance for Peace, while most of the pro-opposition protesters are actual, real-life Venezuelans. Who are the nasty American imperialists now, Code Pink?

Wonder why that is? Quite simple, really: the radical leftist American organizations — and their enablers in the mainstream media — don’t give a hoot about Venezuela or its people. They support Maduro, not because he’s such a great leader (he isn’t, he’s destroying his country) but because he is one of them. If this means that they, Code Pink and friends, have to ally with a dictator against his own people — workers, mothers, fathers, taxi drivers, and so on — they’re happy to do so.

Code Pink and its supporters say they are there to “protect the embassy” from attempts to enter by any group that has not been sanctioned by the Maduro government, which includes Guaidó officials and U.S. agencies.

Sadly for The Washington Post, its attempt to make us feel sorry for Code Pink (“They don’t have water! Oh no, their electricity has been cut!”) has little to no impact. At least, not on the (again: actual) Venezuelans protesting the Code Pink occupation. As one of them tells the newspaper:

“They’re getting a little taste of what Venezuela has been experiencing. It’s a small victory for us. But we will not be satisfied until they leave once and for all.”

Serves them well. Let them be without food, water, and electricity. Perhaps it’ll end up giving them some sympathy for the plight of Venezuelan citizens, who have been struggling to make ends meet for years now.