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Dutch School Lets Children Dance to (Geert) 'Wilders F-- Off'

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders talks to a delegate during the third day session of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Wednesday, July 20, 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Pupils of the St-Gregorius College (a high school) in Utrecht, the Netherlands, recently participated in an event organized by DOX, a left-wing organization. DOX got the pupils to sing and dance to a song with lyrics such as (Geert) “Wilders rot op!” (“Wilders F— Off!”).

Here’s the video:

While Dutch politicians claim that they believe education should be unbiased, the school clearly feels and acts quite differently. Instead of letting children make up their own minds about politics, they’re hiring a left-wing organization that uses music and dance to spread their propaganda against Geert Wilders. And that propaganda includes cussing.

Note: DOX receives subsidies from the Dutch government. In the end, then, this is government-paid anti-Wilders propaganda, fed to innocent schoolchildren who are indoctrinated with radical left-wing ideas.

Wilders and his party (the Party for Freedom or PVV) have responded to the video with outrage. They’ve called on the education minister to explain how this could have happened. “This form of indoctrination is completely unacceptable,” the PVV said in an official statement to media, “and proves once again that our education has been ruined by teachers who force their leftist political views on their students.”

It goes to show that leftist indoctrination at schools (and colleges) isn’t only a problem in the United States, but in Europe as well.