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Hezbollah Leader Praises the EU: 'Trump Is Isolated and Alone'

(AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has reached out to the countries that have rejected President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Of course, Hezbollah and the European Union have not suddenly become allies. But it is clear that the EU’s response to Trump’s announcement is being used by terror groups to continue spreading their hatred for Israel.

Nasrallah reached out to Europe this week, thanking the old continent for condemning Trump’s announcement:

“Trump is isolated and alone,” Nasrallah said. “The only country that supports him is Israel, so I send my greetings to all the countries that reject Trump’s Jerusalem announcement. I tell Palestinian refugees from all over the world that they’ll be able to go back to their country of Palestine very soon. We only know one method: the victory of martyrdom.”

In other words, Nasrallah is telling Palestinian “refugees” and the rest of the world that the terror attacks against Israel will continue. And he’s darn proud of it too because he feels he’s being supported by the European Union.

The terrorist-in-chief continued by saying that he speaks for “all countries and groups of the resistance alliance. We defeated ISIS and I’m telling you right now that our only priority from now onwards is the Palestinian issue. This alliance has never lost a war or even one battle.”

“Trump’s Jerusalem decision,” he concluded, “marks the beginning of the end for Israel. I can tell Palestinians that with full confidence.”

In other words, Islamist terror groups believe that the EU’s response to Trump’s decision means that the EU is supporting them. It’s not Trump’s decision that has emboldened cold-blooded terrorists, but the EU’s reaction to it.

The question is now: What will the EU do when Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Iran, and other terror groups go all out against Israel? What if a new war breaks out? Will the EU stand with Israel in the end, or will she abandon her ally?