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Forbes Editor: EPA Administrator Is Scarier Than Radical Islamic Terrorists

Former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

Shortly after an Islamist extremist butchered at least eight innocent people in New York City, Forbes editor Halah Touryalai decided to take a swipe at EPA administrator Scott Pruitt. The reason? Pruitt recently quoted from the Bible in order to explain his decision to bar scientists who receive federal grants from serving on independent science advisory committees.

Here’s what Pruitt actually said: “In the book of Joshua there is a story about Joshua leading the people of Israel into the promised land after Moses passed away.” He added, “And Joshua says to the people of Israel choose this day whom you’re going to serve. And I would say to you this is sort of like the ‘Joshua Principle’ that as it relates to grants to this agency, you are going to have to choose either service on the committee to provide counsel to us in an independent fashion or you can choose grants, but you cannot do both.”

According to Touryalai, this innocent Bible quotation is more dangerous than the “Allahu Akhbar” Islamist terrorists shout out when they commit a terror attack. Because, yes, she was responding to the news that this is what terrorist Sayfullo Saipov said when he tried to murder as many people as possible in New York.

It goes to show just how radical and willfully blind (to the dangers Islamist extremist terrorism poses to the West) the Left truly is.