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Trump: Puerto Rico Should Be 'Proud' More Haven't Died Like in 'a Real Catastrophe'

Donald Trump has just proven to Puerto Ricans that he doesn’t really give a crap about them:

These people lost everything. Their homes. Their shops. Their lives. Their neighbors. Their children. Their parents. But Trump tells them that it really wasn’t all that bad — nothing like a “real” catastrophe — and proceeds to call the Hurricane that laid waste to their country “a storm that was just totally overbearing.”

That’s bad, but then he makes it even worse by minimizing the death toll: “Sixteen people certified. Sixteen people versus in the thousands.” Yes, he started out by saying that “every death is a horror,” but after that, he showed what he really thought: this wasn’t that bad. It was a storm gone wild. Sixteen people dead. Yeah, too bad. I mean, it’s not nice as such, but hey, it’s not that terrible either. Let’s face it, people die every day. What’re sixteen more dead people in the grand scheme of things, if you think about it? And hey, it’s Puerto Rico, not Texas or, even worse, New York.