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Tucker Carlson Lets Loose on 'Hypocritical' Media over Bannon

Tucker Carlson Lets Loose on 'Hypocritical' Media over Bannon
President Donald Trump's former White House Senior Adviser Steve Bannon. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

On his Fox News show yesterday evening, Tucker Carlson went after the hypocritical media that targeted Steve Bannon from the first day he was brought on board Donald Trump’s presidential campaign until yesterday when the president finally gave them Bannon’s scalp.

“The funny thing is, that in some important ways, Steve Bannon was more traditionally liberal than the liberals who spent the last year shrieking for his head,” Carlson said. “Not that you would know that from the coverage. Everything is identity politics now, so his ideological opponents attacked Bannon from the very beginning as a bigot.”

And then:

It was always a ludicrous charge. Bannon is a flawed guy, but not in that way. Just yesterday he called white nationalists “buffoons and losers.” It’s not Steve Bannon who is obsessed with race and identity, it’s the activist left and the morons who do their bidding in the media.

Later on, Tucker continued:

There was never any real attempt in the press to understand or critique what Bannon was saying. Ideas and policy are not interesting to reporters, mindless tribalism is, so that’s what they cover. This is toxic, it obscures the issues that actually matter. Instead of looking at real problems like rampant drug addiction or economic inequality — and those are real problems — and trying to find solutions to them, the left is obsessed with finding and enjoying destroying the imagined racists in our midst.

Whether you’re a conservative who loves Bannon or hates him, his being forced out has to worry you. Bannon was one of the administration officials who truly understood the Trump platform and why he was elected. All the folks who now remain in a position of influence never had any feeling for the Trump agenda or his appeal. They’re there because they enjoy power or because they have a personal relationship with Trump. See: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, both Democrats. Or Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster and all the other establishment puppets in charge of the Trump administration now.

Of course, the media are all too aware of this, which is why they worked so hard to get Bannon fired. With his resignation, all chances of Trump’s “nationalist-populist” agenda actually being implemented are gone. Trump is now surrounded by establishment types — both Republicans and, of course, Democrats — which is exactly what the leftist media wanted. Bannon had to be removed, not because he’s a racist (as Tucker said, he isn’t), but because he was one of the few Trump officials who actually took Trump’s campaign promises seriously, and who was determined to hold the president to them, even if that meant they’d clash regularly.

So yes, Tucker Carlson is right. The left has been attacking Bannon from day one, and if you support Trump’s 2016 platform, well, then yesterday was decidedly a bad day.

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