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Inhumane ISIS Again Forces Journalist John Cantlie to Make a Propaganda Video in Mosul

This still taken from video released Wednesday, Dec 7, 2016 by the Islamic State's Amaq news agency, shows captive British photojournalist John Cantlie in what appeared to be central Mosul, Iraq. Cantlie is seen in the propaganda video detailing the U.S.-led coalition's destruction of four of Mosul's five main bridges that he describes as inflicting harm of the city's sizeable civilian population. IS has long used Cantlie for propaganda purposes, featuring him in videos from Mosul as well as the Syrian cities of Aleppo and Kobani, likely speaking under duress. As Mosul's bridges were destroyed last month, this is the first confirmation that Cantlie is alive since he appeared in an IS video in July. (Islamic State's Amaq News Agency via AP)

ISIS has, yet again, produced a ridiculous propaganda video. The video is presented by kidnapped British journalist John Cantlie, who is forced to sing the radical Islamic group’s praises.

It’s not going according to plan for ISIS, the radical Islamic group occupying increasingly smaller parts of Iraq and Syria. One ISIS leader after another is being taken out by the anti-ISIS coalition, and the group of jihadists is constantly losing grounds to the liberation forces.

Obviously, the terrorists wondered what they could do to stem the tide of, for them, negative press coverage. They’ve finally come up with an answer: produce an idiotic propaganda video in which you force a kidnapped Western journalist to portray the anti-ISIS coalition as devils, while pretending that ISIS’ caliphate is nothing less than heaven on earth.

The man presenting and narrating the video is John Cantlie, a British journalist who was kidnapped by ISIS years ago and has, since, been used several times in similar propaganda videos. Originally, those videos were edited as if they were innocent travel shows, but the tone of the videos has changed over time — from fake innocent to dead serious. For instance, in March of this year, Cantlie was forced to shoot a video in which he blasted the coalition forces for their bombardments of ISIS strongholds.

Back then, it was already clear that Cantlie’s capture had taken a significant toll on him; he had lost a lot of weight. That’s even more obvious in the latest video he was forced to present. The poor guy is all skin and bones.

In the latest video, Cantlie’s kidnappers force him to complain about the bombardments of bridges in Mosul, Iraq, while literally telling the viewer that the city’s only inhabitants are poor, innocent Muslims who just want to “mind their own business.” He neglects to mention that the city is overrun by violent jihadists who have oppressed the citizenry from the very first day they conquered the city.

But hey, who needs those pesky little details?

Of course, we seriously have to wonder whether poor Cantlie will survive this horrible ordeal. He’s used as a stage prop for the time being, but ISIS’ psycho jihadists positively enjoy decapitating hostages. It’s a miracle he’s still alive.

Having said that, of course we all hope that Cantlie will somehow be liberated one day. Nobody deserves his terrible lot in life. We can only hope he’ll be able to spend his last days on earth as an elderly grandfather, surrounded by his loved ones. Not as a young man surrounded by radical Islamic butchers who laugh out loud when they cut his throat.