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Sarah 'The Clown' Palin Is This Campaign Season's Biggest Loser

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Yet more proof that it’s devastating to your political career to stump for Donald Trump:

Donald Trump didn’t show up to the Friday night fish fry in Milwaukee and instead outsourced the job to Sarah Palin, who delivered a meandering speech on trade and immigration.

“It’s always so good to be in Wisconsin, getting off the airplane today as I’m walking through the airport and seeing all the green and gold and green and gold ’til I’m dead and cold—paraphernalia everywhere—it’s Packers,” Palin said to kick off her speech.

It started poorly and managed to get worse. “What the heck are you thinking candidates?” Palin asked. “What are you thinking when you go ahead and you’re actually asking for more immigrants, even illegal immigrants, welcoming them in, even inducing and seducing them with gift baskets. Come on over the border and there’s a gift basket with teddy bears and soccer balls. What are you thinking? It’s just inviting more. Yeah. Candidates they can say anything they want to about immigration, amnesty.”

It wasn’t clear which candidates, in Palin’s view, are seducing illegal immigrants with gift baskets of teddy bears and soccer balls. She later brought up the Gang of 8 immigration bill in an awkward attempt to criticize Ted Cruz. “Who offered the amendments for that to further collapse U.S. jobs and income and security?” Palin asked. She never answered the question, so voters were left wondering who she was talking about.

Gail Nolte, an undecided voter from Wauwatosa, was open about all candidates in the race when she went to the event, but left supporting Ted Cruz. About Palin she said:

It was the flattest speech I have ever heard in my entire life. It was totally lackluster. I’ve heard her speak before with so much enthusiasm and tonight it was just like she was reading from a manuscript. I was very disappointed.

Of course Palin’s speech was flat. After all, she’s got literally nothing to brag about with regards to Trump. He isn’t a conservative and Palin knows it. The best she can do is lash out at his opponents — real or fictional — and hope she stays somewhat relevant.

Sadly for her, the opposite is bound to happen. Real conservatives see her for what she has become: a ridiculous circus act.