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Hamas Announces Return to Suicide Bombings Inside Israel

In an interview with an Arab media organization, Hamas officials say that their military wing has given the order to strike Israel with a new wave of suicide bombings. These attacks will be carried out by sleeper cells in the West Bank, Ynet reports. Ynet already reported on the purported orders back in October of this year, but today marks the first occasion that Hamas officials have openly admitted their intentions. The attacks are supposed to target Israelis in the Green Line.

The Hamas officials also thanked a terrorist cell whose members were arrested by the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic intelligence service. The Hamas terrorists — most of whom are students — were, Hamas admitted, planning to stage major attacks. At the moment of their arrest, sources say they were dangerously close to carrying out plans to attack Israeli military and political targets.

The announcement once again emphasizes that Hamas is and will always remain a terrorist organization; one every bit as fierce and anti-semitic as ISIS. But while the entire world agrees that ISIS should be destroyed, the West and Arab countries continue to blast Israel when it tries to take down Hamas. The double standard is appalling.