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Fox News Iowa Poll: Cruz Leads With 32%, Trump Second With 25%

We can expect Donald Trump to double down on his attacks against Senator Ted Cruz:

Marco Rubio is becoming the establishment’s favorite, but he’s not going to win in Iowa. It’s clear now that it will be a battle between Cruz and Trump in that state. If current trends continue, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson may as well drop out next month; he has no path to the nomination without Iowa.

Meanwhile, Iowa radio host Steve Deace has some words of wisdom for The Donald:

Some free advice for Donald Trump. I honestly cannot foresee a scenario where your attacks on Ted Cruz actually help you. They might help others, but not you. For example, if you attack Cruz from the Left on the issues, you’re helping his branding. If you claim he’s not liked enough given your high negatives, that makes you look downright silly.

And that’s the truth.