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Trump Trolls Media at Michigan Rally With Hilarious WiFi Password


If you thought the president and his team couldn’t get funnier, then hold onto your sides for this one and swallow anything you have in your mouth so it doesn’t end up all over your keyboard. At the Traverse City, Mich., rally on Monday, the press was confronted with an uncomfortable reality. They were forced to tell the truth in order to access the WiFi at the event. The login was set to “BidenBuiltTheCages” and the password was “TrumpBuiltTheWall!!!” Is this the greatest Trump troll ever, or what? I’m screaming laughing imagining Jim Acosta typing this into his phone while cussing.

Well done, Mr. President. Well done. How can we only have four more years to enjoy this? It doesn’t seem like enough. We will never have this much fun again and that’s a shame. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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