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Epic Troll: The Gun-Toting McCloskeys Are Back With Custom-Made Christmas Cards

(Twitter screenshot @314khalea)

Who could forget the gun-toting St. Louis couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who brandished guns at protesters who broke into a gated community and trespassed on their property? A few months later they are now local celebs who have to worry about being followed by a new type of paparazzi that screams at people while taking videos of them running errands.

The charmer taking this video found the McCloskeys picking up their Christmas cards and filmed them while shouting obscenities at them as well as chanting, inexplicably, “Abolish the suburbs!”

But right after that, Mark McCloskey made a truly legendary move. He politely put on his mask before approaching the screamer, giving her a Christmas card they had just picked up with their famous photo on the front — the one of them defending their home from the trespassing protesters with their weapons, in keeping with Missouri’s castle law. Hilarious.

But perhaps even better than the cards is the protester’s reaction as Mark walks toward her. Up until that point, she had been aggressively following them and screaming. But the second Mark walks toward her to hand her the card, she starts screeching that he should stay away from her. LOL.

Check this out. It will delight you.

The McCloskeys have an attitude that everyone in 2020 needs to adopt immediately. The mobs are made up of spoiled children and should be mocked and treated as such. Never apologize, never retreat, and keep your sense of humor.

The McCloskeys’ humor in the face of protesting harridans gives me hope that the adults will win this ridiculous war on civil society waged by spoiled college brats who don’t have two brain cells to rub together. How do I get on the McCloskeys’ Christmas list?

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