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Gretchen Whitmer's Husband Caught Trying to Subvert Lockdown Order Because He's SPECIAL and You're Not

Gretchen Whitmer's Husband Caught Trying to Subvert Lockdown Order Because He's SPECIAL and You're Not
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Gretchen Whitmer’s husband, Mark Mallory, is giving her a run for her money on the most hated public figure to come out of the Chinese WuFlu panic of 2020. The company that launches his boat, NorthShore Dock, LLC, reported that he called them to put his boat in the water in time for Memorial Day weekend despite his wife’s orders that no one should flock to recreational areas and take advantage of the partial reopening. The owner of NorthShore Dock, LLC, posted to Facebook that Whitmer’s husband called and asked for a favor so he could cut in line in front of others waiting for their turn. The Detroit News reported the now-deleted Facebook post that went viral.

“This morning, I was out working when the office called me, there was a gentleman on hold who wanted his boat in the water before the weekend,” Dowker posted. “Being Memorial weekend and the fact that we started working three weeks late means there is no chance this is going to happen.”

“Well our office personnel had explained this to the man and he replied, ‘I am the husband to the governor, will this make a difference?'”

Whitmer and Mallory, who reside in Lansing, own a property in the Elk Rapids area with a taxable value of about $175,000, according to county records. Zillow estimates the property could currently sell for more than $437,000.

The owner, Tad Dowker, posted a second statement after removing the first saying he does not have time to answer all the media calls but he stood by his original statement. The governor’s office dismissed it as “rumors” but did not deny it.

“After a long day of keeping crews running, adhering to the additional safety regulations that need to be in place to operate our small business and fielding calls from customers frustrated with our lagging installation schedule I was told the governor’s husband called asking for install availability,” the company posted. “Up until this point we, as a company, had no idea we installed their dock or boat.”

Boating for me but not for thee because I’m Gretchen Whitmer’s husband!

The idea that Gretchen Whitmer’s husband would reach out for a special favor to get their boat in the water before everyone else’s is especially outrageous considering what Whitmer told the people of Michigan they should be doing—or not doing—over Memorial Day weekend. It seems that the Whitmer family should have stayed put in the governor’s mansion according to her own orders, and not been planning to “descend on Traverse City.”

On May 18, Whitmer announced plans to lift restrictions on northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.

“If you don’t live in these regions … think long and hard before you take a trip into them,” Whitmer said at the May 18 press conference.

“A small spike could put the hospital system in dire straits pretty quickly,” she added later. “That’s precisely why we’re asking everyone to continue doing their part. Don’t descend on Traverse City from all regions of the state.”

The property owned by Whitmer and her husband is about 25 minutes from Traverse City.

Was there a Republican-led cover-up to protect Gretchen Whitmer’s Husband?

Some Republican lawmakers began to repost Dowker’s story. Senator Tom Barrett, (R-Charlotte) posted it and says he was pressured to delete it. Were Republicans in Michigan involved in shielding Whitmer from being embarrassed that she and her husband intended to do exactly what she forbade the rest of Michigan weekenders from doing over the holiday?

But the lawmaker said he eventually deleted it after the governor’s office reached out to the staff of Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, asking for the post to be removed and contending the comments were false.

Barrett, who looked into the situation further, said he now believes the governor’s office had made him an “unwilling” accessory in an attempted cover-up of the situation. The senator also mentioned that Whitmer had told other Michigan residents not to “descend” on Traverse City.

“Yet, what did her family try and do?” Barrett said.

“In the Army, we have a tradition that the leaders get in line for chow last behind everyone else in the unit,” he continued. “Here is the leader of our state. … Her family is trying to cut people in line.”

With COVID-19 deaths and infection rates dropping fast in the summer heat, Democrat governors like Whitmer, who insist on stringent lockdowns despite empty hospitals and no evidence that lockdowns even work, are proving daily that they do not care about health as much as they care about wielding power over the lives of the governed. If it was about health, then Whitmer’s rules would apply to her family as well as yours.

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