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I'm Not Crying, You're Crying: Trump Surprises War Wife With Her Returning Soldier at SOTU

Twitter video screenshot.

It’s hard to measure which moment of President Trump’s third State of the Union speech was the best. There are so many to choose from, like Rush Limbaugh being awarded the Medal of Freedom on the spot by Melania, or the parents of Kayla Mueller, killed by ISIS, finally being recognized in public.

But the sweetest moment came when Sergeant First Class Townsend Williams, who was serving in Afghanistan on his fourth deployment, got to surprise his wife and children, who did not know he was there.

It was a great moment and a bittersweet reminder of how many families are without their loved ones serving in faraway lands. Trump promised to end the longest war in American history and bring our troops home for his second term. “We are working to finally end America’s longest war and bring our troops back home,” he said

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