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Fake-News MSNBC Host Claims 'Thousands' of 'White Nationalists' Are 'Swarming' Virginia 2A Rally

Screenshot via Twitter video

MSNBC host Craig Melvin claimed on television Monday that “thousands” of “white nationalists” and “militia groups” are “swarming the state capitol in Richmond,” with “guns rights activists.” I’d like to know what “white nationalists” and “militia groups,” he’s talking about.

No one has been able to identify any of these supposed “white nationalists” on the ground, unless you mean this guy declaring his “white supremacy”:

The media is working overtime to convince America that this protest is full of racists, but all they are doing is beclowning themselves. The responses are great.

Among the responses were common themes including exhaustion from the “media attempting to destroy our nation” to “fake news.” One commenter said, “If you want to show unrest and hate…you should’ve gone and filmed the gnashing of teeth and vulgarity at the ‘womens [sic] march.'”

Screenshots via Twitter

It seems that the public is not going to let the media smear the Virginia protesters this time. Charlottesville became a weapon that the media used to beat Trump supporters over the head for over a year until it was finally debunked. The public is wide awake to the tactics this time and they aren’t going to let it happen without a fight. But not a physical fight, and that’s going to make the fake-news media really mad! This protester nails it.

“They mad because there wasn’t no civil unrest. They gonna be mad cause there wasn’t no fighting. Now they gonna be mad cause nobody got locked up. They gonna be mad because all of the officers is at peace. They gonna be mad because ain’t nobody out here fighting. They mad, but guess what? United we stand.” This is the real America. Believe it.


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