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The Nuttiest Signs From the Whiny Women's March 2020

Screenshot via Twitter

Well, it’s back. The Women’s March on Saturday brought out all the resisters in their p*ssy hats. I was disappointed by the lack of vagina costumes this year. Those are always fun. Despite the absence of walking vulvas, the gals managed to be just as cringey. Blending political messages and displaying infighting on placards, the women of America (and some in other countries) marched around demanding everything they already have; abortion, freedom of speech, equality in the workplace, a voice in government and much more. Check out the worst signs at the Women’s March.

Does that say “Join or get raped and underpayed?” I particularly like the misspelling. What school is this?

This is my favorite sign. It really sums up the entire event: incomprehensible.

Are there any women in America (myself included) who aren’t constantly speaking? Because I feel like that’s all we do.

This poor kid.

This woman thinks we haven’t seen nasty yet. I pray that isn’t true. There isn’t enough eye-bleach in the world if it gets worse.

It wouldn’t be a “woman’s march” without advocating for the murder of the unborn!

But wait! Here’s a brave man!

I can’t argue with this one. Feminism is cancer.

She seems nice…

Again with the claim that women aren’t allowed to speak? When? Where? What rights do women not have in America?

This guy knows exactly what’s important to him. Abortion. That ensures he can use women like disposable tissues. #EmpoweringWomenMen

I’m sorry but I cannot allow the misappropriation of Baby Yoda. PUT THE BABY DOWN.

This dude is desperately hoping to score.

Well, if you insist that’s what you want to be called, who are we to argue?

I have to give props to the artist on this one. Silly message, beautiful artwork.

But vaginas are transphobic or something, right? Not all women have them I’ve been told. #Problematic

I can’t even. Periods are what? And if genitals don’t equal gender then all women can identify as men and become the patriarchy. Problem solved. If there is no gender then what is this all for?

Leave it to these broads to point out the merits of the Salem witch trials.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter