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Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv Comes Unglued and Punches a Reporter in the Head

(Image via Twitter screenshot)

Jonathan Yaniv, the trans activist who goes by “Jessica” and became famous for suing beauticians who would not wax his male genitalia, is making headlines again. Yaniv is on trial for two weapons charges for owning a stun gun and brandishing it on YouTube. Stun guns are illegal in Canada. On Monday, Keean Bexte with Rebel News was covering the trial when Yaniv, on exiting the courthouse, charged at him. Bexte says Yaniv punched him in the head. The camera footage seems to back that up.

A commenter pointed out that Yaniv was mysterious without the famous scooter he normally rides around on claiming he is disabled. He doesn’t appear to be disabled as he is attacking Bexte. Normally when Yaniv attacks reporters he does it with his cane or while on a scooter.


Bexte tried to get a statement from Yaniv about his plea earlier in the day when the accused trans activist showed up for the hearing. Police tried to stop the reporter from questioning Yaniv on a public sidewalk. Then they banned Bexte from a public courthouse.

In the following video, Bexte describes being harassed by police officers for trying to report in a public courthouse. Rebel Media appears to be the only outlet in Canada reporting on the scene at this trial.

Why are Canadian police stopping news organizations from asking a defendant in a criminal case questions on a public sidewalk and banning reporters from the courthouse? According to Bexte, police accused him of harassing Yaniv and banned him on that basis, but he hasn’t done anything that mainstream news reporters don’t do to defendants of high-profile cases. If the media were honest, they’d be out there doing the same thing with this story, which captured international attention. The fact that the dinosaur media is ignoring it is interesting.

“Yaniv is known around the world as someone who abuses people,” said Bexte, “someone who manipulates the system to throw immigrant women out of business communities. That’s who the sheriffs here in Surrey are protecting…It’s despicable.”

Yaniv allegedly has a long, disturbing history with predatory behavior toward minors that is well-documented here. 

Bexte has made a police report and was informed that the area where the attack happened has cameras with CCTV. Perhaps this time Yaniv will face a penalty from assaulting a reporter.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.” Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter