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Judge Issues Pivotal Ruling in 7-Year-Old's Chemical Castration Case as Governor Launches Probe

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces that there will be a special session of the Texas Legislature on June 6, 2017, in Austin. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Earlier this week, a jury awarded custody of a 7-year-old boy, James Younger, to his mother, Dr. Ann Georgulas, who treats him like a girl, calling him Luna. She supports chemical castration for her son. That ruling gave her sole conservatorship over him and over all of the medical decisions. On Thursday, Judge Kim Cooks issued an order partly reversing that ruling but also imposing a gag order on the boy’s father, Jeffrey Younger, who opposes the chemical castration of his son.

After the jury ruling, the outcry from conservative media and Twitter was swift and severe. Protests outside of the courtroom got the attention of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and he tweeted that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton would be looking into this matter.

Shortly thereafter, Paxton confirmed that an investigation has commenced and issued a statement: “Texans understand that children are cherished, unique individuals who should be supported and properly cared for as they grow up in our communities,” he said. “I trust that DFPS will act immediately upon our request, conduct a thorough investigation, and protect this child.”

Judge Cooks got the sudden urge to act in a semi-sane way and overturned the jury’s decision. However, she also issued an unconstitutional gag order against James’s father. Judges in family court often issue these gag orders that should not have any power in a country with the First Amendment. Basically, a gag order forces a person being railroaded by the court system to be silent about what is happening to them, under threat of arrest. Younger has been ordered to take down his website and cease all communications with press, which have sparked the nation’s attention. There is no doubt that Dr. Georgulas would by now have complete control over her son to mutilate and sterilize him if the press had not been trumpeting the other side of this case to an outraged public audience.

Gag orders when challenged are almost always overturned as unconstitutional. Just recently in Texas the solicitor general submitted an opinion to the state Supreme Court about another case in family court where the judge had issued a similar order against the Pardo family. The solicitor general wrote:

The gag order is a prior restraint on speech. It is plainly overbroad and cannot be squared with the First Amendment’s free speech guarantees… The order below is plainly unconstitutional. It deprives two parents of the ability to use “any form of media” to “shar[e]” with their friends, loved ones, physicians, or religious advisers “any information regarding this child and/or case.” R.7. It contains no discussion of or reference to evidence of the harms to be addressed or less restrictive alternatives. An order with this breadth, without any justification in the record, cannot be squared with the First Amendment.

Out-of-control judges like Cooks hate the public seeing what it is they are up to behind closed courtroom doors. Not only did Judge Cooks silence Younger, but she kicked out all of the conservative and independent press that broke this story to the world. The Texan, Lifesite News, and the Independent were removed from the court proceedings. Curiously, Judge Cooks let mainstream outlets like NBC stay. She claimed that only those with “hard card press passes” were allowed to stay.

The journalists removed from the courtroom reported that they had ID showing they worked at news outlets but it did not matter. It isn’t surprising that the swamp press was the only press trusted by officials to hear what was said behind closed doors. If the dinosaur media weren’t in the pocket of the court they would have been kicked out too. And just as expected, none of them have reported on it. Check for yourself and Google “James Younger” and click on “news.” There isn’t one headline written by any mainstream outlet besides the New York Post and Fox News, which both lean to the right. Clearly, they are obeying the powers that be in that courtroom and are refusing to give this story into the light of day.

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Conservative and independent outlets like LifeSite News, Daily Wire, PJ Media, The Texan, and others have been providing great coverage of this story. The only reason to keep the alphabet news stations that haven’t been reporting this story in the loop is to make it fall out of the news cycle. They’ve lost control of the narrative, and they want it back.

Currently, Jeffrey Younger’s website is still up. Most likely, it won’t be for long — unless he appeals the gag order. At the heart of this case is not a custody dispute but a question that needs answering right now: Do parents have the right to chemically castrate or sterilize their minor children with puberty-blocking drugs and hormones when the child cannot comprehend the long-term effects?

People are pressuring Texas lawmakers with #SaveJamesYounger on Twitter to fix this problem permanently by writing legislation to outlaw any chemical transitioning of minor children until they reach the age of 18. The vast majority of gender dysphoria cases resolve after natural puberty. Sending a child down a path that leads to genital mutilation and irreversible surgeries before they are done growing should be criminal. See The Federalist’s excellent article on the similarity between this barbaric practice of our modern age and the lobotomy craze of yesteryear.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.” Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter