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Female Reporters #LiterallyShaking after Trump Treats Them Exactly Like Male Reporters

President Donald Trump (Photo by Oliver Contreras/SIPA USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

Feminists confuse me. On the one hand, they want us to believe that women are equal to men and in need of more fairness and equal treatment. On the other hand, the minute the president treats them just like the boys they freak out, claiming they were “bullied.” In case you’re not paying attention, “bullying” is anything that makes a leftist upset. The current weeping and gnashing of teeth are over a moment during a press conference on Nafta, when ABC White House correspondent Cecilia Vega refused to ask the president questions about the topic at hand. He refused to take her question and took a jab at her.

Predictably, the Twittersphere is accusing Trump of bullying female reporters. They’re shocked and horrified at this “misogynistic” behavior. They’re calling it a “hostile work environment.”

But which one is it, ladies? The president has been sticking it to Jim Acosta for two years. Trump is brutal to the press. It’s his thing! The rest of us find it hilarious and entertaining. It’s not like the press is respectful to him. He has just done what no other Republican president has done and gotten into the mud with the press! If they would like to be treated better, maybe they should stop writing fake news to harm his presidency.

And what’s with these girls? Are they weaker than Jim Acosta? Can’t they handle being in the Colosseum with the gladiators? If you can’t play with the boys, then get the heck out of the arena! They keep talking about respect, but did they respect the president’s wish to do trade questions first?

I don’t want to hear that women are not treated equally by men if there is whining the minute they get treated like one of the boys. Donald Trump showed those women more respect by insulting them in the exact same way he insults the male journalists he doesn’t like. What’s the matter, girls? You wouldn’t want us to think that you also can’t open pickle jars, would you? What other things aren’t you as good at as your male co-workers? What feminists appear to be asking for is for women to be treated differently than the men in the same field. That’s sexist.

Spare me the crocodile tears over this “bullying.” You entered journalism, a field where you have to get into people’s faces with a microphone and ask them uncomfortable questions, chase people down at their homes, and risk all sorts of confrontations. This is not a field for the weak and scared. The reporters handled themselves well at the time of the event and they did not appear to be wounded in any way other than suffering the same humiliation their male counterparts get regularly. If they can’t take a little verbal sparring in the most confrontational profession on earth, they’re in the wrong field. Maybe they should be in a more “feminine” profession that doesn’t offend their fragile sensibilities. Maybe there’s a tampon factory hiring.