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LGBTQWTF Campaign about 'Pronoun Violence' Impossible to Distinguish from Parody

It has become impossible to distinguish the LGBTQWTF cause du jour from a 4chan prank these days. First it was the unforgettable new acronym LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP unveiled in Canada that set everyone wondering if we were being pranked (apparently not) and now it’s #MyIdentityIsValid. Signs are floating around Twitter and Instagram showing gender nonspecific people looking dour with demands for the rest of us to use awkward pronouns like “they” and “them” for a single person. If I was the sort of person to entertain such an asinine request, the grammar freak in me simply could not do it under any circumstances. Sorry, dear, but I can only refer to you as the third person pronoun that refers to you in the singular form with the appropriate gender, of which there are two. I will make exceptions for conjoined twins.

Is this real? I honestly can’t tell.

Dear God. Pronoun violence? The reason this feels real is because these lunatics have been spouting that “misgendering” someone is equal to violence for quite some time now. It’s completely out of hand. A thorough search of 4chan and /pol/ for any indication of this being one of their joke campaigns came up empty. (This does not rule it out, but usually it’s easier to find if it is a 4chan operation.)

The “two-spirit” one is particularly hilarious.

I don’t think that costume is SJW approved for cultural sensitivity. Did Native Americans wear gay flag symbols on their buckskin? Seems problematic. While the posters might be faked (and who can tell?), the hashtag #MyIdentityIsValid is apparently being used by some serious people. (Very serious and angry.)

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As I walk I notice folks looking me up and down trying to figure it out, figure out what I am, or rather which, which of the two I am. They look confused… when I'm walking with friends and loved ones and ones that honour and hold my identity I find it amusing that I'm fucking with their perceptions of binaried gender. But as I walk to the subway alone I remember how fucking unsafe I feel sometimes. How that because I don't fit in binaries because I refuse to conform to an arbitrary colonial gendered system, I am at time so fucking so visible. I don't know where I fit within movements. I face, (my trans/NB/gender non-conforming siblings, and to a greater extent trans women/femmes…BIPOC folks). We face gender based violence and discrimination and… yet we are not reflected in the fucking pink pussy hats…My identity is valid. I deserve to feel safe. My gender isn't a spectacle. My gender doesn't have to fit into your ideologies. My gender isn't based on body parts. Please don't tell me I'm brave! I am just living as much in my truth as I can, day to day. #trans #decolonizegender #twospirit #nonbinary #feminism #womensmarch #myidentityisvalid #fuckpatriarchy #fuckmisogyny #patriarchy #misogyny #transmasculine

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I don’t know, but maybe if you didn’t go out of your way to look unidentifiable, people wouldn’t stare. Which is it? Do you want people to acknowledge your difference or ignore you? I’m willing to bet that if people ignored this one, she’d be equally as perturbed.

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just your not so friendly reminder that you are following a #TRANSGENDER person. i just had to block 20 fucking people for supporting some rank anti-trans posts, and i'm pissed off about it. if you think people like me–trans people, especially trans women– deserve to be harassed, barred from bathrooms, murdered, tortured, forced to be hidden, ashamed, or any other kind of crap, fucking unfollow me now. if you support anti-trans laws, unfollow me. if you're trying to keep "men out of women's bathrooms," fucking unfollow me and rot. there's nothing wrong with us trans people. our identities are fucking perfectly normal– you assholes are the abnormal ones with so much hate and obsession with us. my name is jessi, and i am #agender #nonbinary #trans. i go by they/them/their #pronouns, and yes, they're grammatically correct. and yes, #MyIdentityIsValid. yes, that means i have no gender. no, my genitals and chromosomes and my clothing choices don't make me what you want me to be. no, your opinion doesn't fucking matter. yes, i am #ProudToBeTrans. and no, if you have a problem with ANY of the above, i don't give two shits, and yes, i will fucking block you if you do. #TransPride #TransgenderPride #enby #NoGender #NonbinaryPride #EnbyPride #queer #pansexual #QueerAsFuck #TransAsFuck #FuckYesImTrans #FatTrans

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Your struggles are your business. But the refusal to face reality by so many people is disturbing. And starting campaigns to encourage this kind of denial of biology is bleeping ridiculous.

In the case of @qtip_adventures above, the rage is inexplicable and frankly, delusional. She spews hatred at people she completely misunderstands.

if you think people like me — trans people, especially trans women — deserve to be harassed, barred from bathrooms, murdered, tortured, forced to be hidden, ashamed, or any other kind of crap, fucking unfollow me now. if you support anti-trans laws, unfollow me. if you’re trying to keep “men out of women’s bathrooms,” fucking unfollow me and rot. there’s nothing wrong with us trans people. our identities are fucking perfectly normal– you assholes are the abnormal ones with so much hate and obsession with us.

I get the feeling that this is a very common sentiment among the trans community that is so wrapped up in their projected rage they’ve lost touch with what’s real (as well as the usage of proper capitalization). No one believes trans people should be “harassed, barred from bathrooms, murdered, tortured, forced to be hidden, ashamed, or any other kind of crap.” I feel that trans people should be treated compassionately and in return, I would like the same. I would like everyone with a penis to use the men’s bathroom and everyone without one to use the women’s bathroom. It’s not that hard. No one is banning anyone from peeing. And what is this murder and torture she speaks of? This is 100 percent delusion.

No one wants trans people to die. Believing yourself to be a man when you are a womanm or believing you don’t have a sexual identity, or believing oneself to be a lizard or dog is not perfectly normal. It’s not even close. It’s a mental disorder that deserves treatment, not acceptance. We don’t accept depression. We treat it. We don’t accept schizophrenia as something to embrace, we medicate it to alleviate the suffering of the patient and the caregivers. At the same time, we do not harass or hate anyone with depression or schizophrenia. But absolutely no one would be crazed enough to accept a diagnosis of cancer and celebrate each passing stage as it slowly kills your loved one, nodding supportively as the disease ravages the body. That would be bloody awful. This campaign to force everyone to “accept” and “affirm” gender dysphoria as natural and good is every bit as nuts as loving cancer.

Transgender people face extremely high rates of suicide. A common explanation for this is that they face “discrimination” like the above example claims. This is simply not true. Suicide is almost always a result of mental illness. Daniel Payne reported at The Federalist,

Mental illness, on the other hand, is very clearly a motivating factor in a great many suicides: the rate of successful suicide is extremely correlative with conditions of mental illness. Since transgenderism is a deleterious psychological affliction, it is wholly unsurprising to find higher rates of suicide among that class of people.

A sane society would be advocating for robust, ameliorative psychological therapy to steer transgender people away from their delusions. Instead, we indulge this sickness on an industrial scale, building television shows around the phenomenon and promoting it even unto the point of gross caricature.

Transgender individuals are precious, irreplaceable children of God. They deserve better than the cultural zeitgeist that has decided a sky-high suicide rate is an acceptable externality of modern-day progressive sexual ideology.

It is unacceptable not to acknowledge that trans people need help rather than “approval” of their illness. How can anyone claim to care about the transgendered and watch them walk toward suicide? People who choose to live their lives as a sex opposite of that with which they were born can do so. It’s a free country. But they do not have the right to force their delusions on the rest of humanity. You can believe you are a man or woman or otherkin or two-spirit, but you do not have the right to force someone else to see you according to your disorder. This pathological need to force others to accept and approve of a fantasy is always going to end in disappointment. The Emperor can insist all day long that his clothes are real and his bits aren’t dangling in the wind, but there will always be someone who sees the truth and will not be swayed despite the sycophantic hordes of virtue-signaling super fans nodding in agreement and posting slick ad campaigns on every surface.

On another note, it’s getting depressing that satire seems increasingly impossible to pull off lately. Is there nothing left that is too ridiculous to believe?