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WHERE'S JOE BIDEN? POTUS Goes MIA Amid Devastating Attack in Afghanistan

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

At least twelve U.S. service members have been killed by the deadly terror attacks at the Kabul airport, which were reportedly carried out by ISIS. Fifteen others were reportedly wounded.

And Joe Biden, the commander-in-chief, is nowhere to be found.

No statements have been issued by the White House, save for “A Proclamation on Women’s Equality Day, 2021,” which is ironic considering the implications the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has on Afghan women and girls.

Biden has canceled various meetings scheduled for today in order to meet with defense officials, but he’s made no statement or public address.

It is unclear how the terror attacks will impact the evacuations, which the administration had previously been touting as a massive success, in part due to the lack of fatalities of Americans.

Joe Biden has claimed he can get everyone out by August 31, though CNN reported early on Thursday that U.S. troops were likely to leave early. The Pentagon disputes that report. Even if Biden keeps us in the country through the deadline, it is estimated that thousands of American citizens will be left behind.

Where is Joe Biden?