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Nigel Farage Blasts Biden: Britain Feels 'Betrayed', Won't Assist U.S. Military Ops While He's President

Nigel Farage Blasts Biden: Britain Feels 'Betrayed', Won't Assist U.S. Military Ops While He's President

Nigel Farage, the former leader of the Brexit Party in Britain, blasted Joe Biden’s botched exit from Afghanistan and said that Britain feels “betrayed.” He also warned that the UK Parliament may be reluctant to support the United States’ military efforts abroad under Biden.

“But if [terror attacks] start to happen again and we start to think, well, how do we go out again and try and stop these cells that are spreading international terror? How can we do it with the Americans? How can we do it with an ally that is treating us with contempt and betrayed us and into the bargain, many of our own citizens?” Farage said on “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday.

“Certainly, if it’s a Biden or Harris administration, honestly, there is no way, there is no way a British parliament right now would vote for military cooperation with America led by this administration,” he continued. “And that’s a very sad thing to say, because since 1917, the UK and America have been side by side in virtually every major conflict. We’ve been the closest allies in terms of military action, in terms of intelligence sharing, in terms of culture, in terms of business.”

“You couldn’t have a better ally in the world,” he added. “And right at the moment, I’m sorry, but there’s no way we could enter into another operation with you.”

And why should they? According to an earlier report, a U.S. general allegedly told a British commander to stop rescuing British nationals because it was making America look bad. That plea was, of course, denied. When you have one of Biden’s generals telling a British commander to stop saving his own people because Biden doesn’t like the optics of other countries doing everything possible to save their citizens, how can the American military be trusted while Biden is commander-in-chief?

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