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Teacher Bullies Student for His Colorblind Attitude Toward Race

(Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay)

A school teacher Virginia’s Loudoun County Public School district can be heard bullying one of his own students for refusing to immediately see the racial differences between two girls shown in a photo.

In the class, the teacher shared a photo of two girls, one was white with red hair, and the other was dark-skinned with black hair. The assignment to the class was to make observations as to what they saw in the picture.

When an unidentified student responded by saying he saw “just two people chillin’,” the teacher was apoplectic.

“Just two people? There’s nothing more to this picture?” the teacher asked.

“Nah, not really. Just, two people chillin’.”

“I don’t believe that you believe that,” the teacher replied. “Umm, I don’t believe that you look at this as just two people.”

“It really is just two people, is it not?”

“Yeah, but I think you’re being intentionally coy about what this is a picture of.”

The student can then be heard stifling laughter. “What am I being coy about? It’s two people standing back-to-back in a picture.”

“Yeah,” the teacher conceded. “And that’s all you see, is two people?”

“I’m confused on what you would like me to speak on—”

“I don’t think you are,” the teacher accused. “I don’t know why you do this. I’m not trying to call you out, but you … you act as if there’s nothing noticeable about this apart from the fact that there’s two people.”

When the student asked if the teacher was trying to get him to say that there are two different races of people in the picture, the teacher said, “Yes, I am asking you to say that.”

“Well, at the end of the day, wouldn’t that just be feeding into the problem of looking at race instead of acknowledging them as two normal people?”

It’s really a stunning exchange to watch.

Parents demanded an investigation into why “Critical Race Theory” was being taught in the classroom, though the school district denies it’s being taught in their schools.


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