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Chloroquine May Have Saved Actress Rita Wilson's Life, but She Complains of Drug's 'Extreme' Side Effects

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Many were shocked at the news that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, had contracted the coronavirus while on location in Australia a month ago. They were the first Hollywood stars to go public with positive prognoses, and both are in their sixties, putting them in the higher risk age group for those who contract the virus. They’ve been giving the public updates on their experience with the coronavirus. They have since recovered and returned home.

On Tuesday, Wilson appeared on 2CBS This Morning” to discuss her and her husband’s experience. She described her symptoms as being “very tired, extremely achy, uncomfortable, didn’t want to be touched.” On the ninth day she had a 102 degree fever, chills “like I’ve never had before” and lost her sense of taste of smell.

And then she was prescribed chloroquine.

“About day nine, they gave me Chloroquine, and I know people have been talking about this drug, but I can only tell you that I don’t know if the drug worked or if it was just time fo the fever to break,” Wilson said. Despite the apparent turnaround of her condition, she was unwilling to give the drug, which has been touted by President Trump repeatedly as a potential gamechanger in the battle against the coronavirus, much credit or it. In fact, she made sure to emphasize the “extreme” side effects.

“The fever did break, but the Chloroquine had such extreme side effects. I was completely nauseous, I had vertigo, I could not walk and my muscles felt very weak. I think people have to be very considerate about that drug, we don’t really know if it’s helpful in this case.”

Wilson reported that Hanks experienced milder symptoms than she did. He didn’t have as high of fever, nor did he lose his sense of taste and smell. It is not clear from the interview whether Tom Hanks was similarly treated with chloroquine or not.

You can watch the interview below.

Other coronavirus patients who have been prescribed chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine have reported dramatic changes in their conditions leading to full recovery.

Considering Wilson experienced severe symptoms after contracting the disease, it’s odd to see her not only downplay the role the drug may have had in her recovery, but to complain about the drug’s side-effects. Chloroquine may have saved her life. Maybe it did, or maybe it didn’t. All we know is that she was treated with it, and the day after she was prescribed the drug her fever broke and she went on to recover. Considering the situation, complaining but a few inconvenient side-effects seems rather petty, don’t you think? Anyone who has ever been prescribed a drug from their doctor is aware that drugs—all drugs—have side effects. We accept these side-effects as a reality of treatment because we’d sooner deal with some inconvenient side-effects then die of a disease.

But, I guess Hollywood liberals would rather complain about side-effects of taking a drug that may have saved their life if it might help Trump for having touted the drug in the first place.

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