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Black Rifle Coffee's Response to the Starbucks Barista who Called a Police Officer a 'Pig' is Epic

(Image via Twitter, Black Rifle Coffee Company)

On Friday, an Oklahoma police officer’s Starbucks cup with “pig” printed on it went viral on social media, causing justifiable outrage not only at the barista who created the cup label but at the manager of the store who didn’t adequately respond to a complaint from the local police chief. The barista has since been suspended, but many are still outraged at the coffee giant.

Black Rifle Coffee, a premium, small-batch, roast-to-order, veteran-owned coffee company based out of Utah, is trying to do right in this situation. After expressing outrage about the story, Black Rifle Coffee decided to make a grand gesture and offered to “hook up” the Kiefer Police Department with free coffee. “Can someone get us the name and location of the precinct of the officer that had PIG written on his Thanksgiving order for coffee so we can hook them up,” the company tweeted. “They won’t be needing to go anywhere for coffee for a while.”

Many on social media expressed their gratitude toward Black Rifle Coffee for their support of law enforcement.

PJ Media has reached out to Black Rifle Coffee for an update on their offer but did not hear back before publication. This story is developing.

UPDATE: Black Rifle Coffee Company Founder and CEO Evan Hafer has released the following statement:

Black Rifle is and has always been committed to creating a culture and community that supports Veterans and First Responders. Increasingly, corporations are embracing progressive ideologies that degrade law enforcement officers and distort the work they do on our behalf. That has created a trickle-down culture of disdain and disrespect. As a Veteran-owned and operated company, our goal is to do the opposite. Supporting our brothers and sisters in Blue isn’t just something we do for profit or publicity, it’s a part of the fabric of this company. It’s who we are. Often, our law enforcement officers aren’t just our friends and neighbors, they’re our brothers and sisters. They’re the same guys who’ve deployed with us and then transitioned out of the military and into police forces across the U.S. We’re grateful, and we’re going to continue to find ways to show our gratitude.


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