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If Mexico Won't Lift a Finger, President Trump Should Lower the Boom

If Mexico Won't Lift a Finger, President Trump Should Lower the Boom
Central American migrants, part of the caravan hoping to reach the U.S. border, move on a road in Tapachula, Chiapas State, Mexico, Thursday, March 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Isabel Mateos)

Unless the Mexican government takes immediate substantive action to address the crisis on the southern border, President Trump should follow through on his national emergency declaration and suspension of direct aid to three Central American countries by closing it.

The migrant caravans are coming because they think change is inevitable regarding U.S. immigration policy. Whether or not change is coming is debatable, given the malfeasance of our supposed sovereign government, so the time has come for a commander-in-chief to cut through the dross and do something.

The nation can no longer countenance the impasse created by uni-party Republicans and Mueller report-routed Democrats desperate not to give Trump more accomplishments going into 2020. If this duopoly keeps calling the shots, the escalating insanity on the border may presage nothing more than continued inaction and worsening madness.

Contrary to fake assurances from the open-borders crowd, the threat level is high. To allow what amounts to a foreign invasion to remain unchecked would mean defeat for Trump on his signature campaign issue, an issue a majority of citizens cite as most important going into the next presidential election.

Failing to circumvent the unlawful arrival of thousands upon thousands of low-to-unskilled, non-English speaking, unassimilable immigrants to glut schools, hospitals, workplaces, job sites, and welfare rolls will undoubtedly be seen by Trump’s millions of ardent supporters as defacto capitulation to a globalist, nation-less “marketplace,” where sovereign flags signify nothing more than colorful national curiosities.

It is well past time to obliterate the stale tropes and talking points used to excuse and rationalize illegal immigration.

The asylum song and dance has become a vaudevillian joke. Only a fraction of those jumping the U.S. border or arriving at points of entry are certifiable seekers, but many, due to archaic laws, are ushered in, most never to be heard from again. Similarly, visa overstays too often amount to an untraceable immigration disappearing act. This is an invasion.

The mantra about how U.S. policies have contributed to conditions that cause immigrants to join caravans is more leftist “bullsh*t,” to borrow a presidential descriptor. If businesses come home to America because Trump has made it attractive to do so or unwise not to, it is not America’s fault when only corruption and poverty remain in the wake its departure. Does the fact that U.S. policy was unfriendly to Hugo Chavez’s failed communist state mean we now have to grant asylum to hordes of impoverished Venezuelans?

America is not responsible for the ravages of socialism and communism; it is the last great hope against statist totalitarianism.

Jobs Americans won’t do? There may be a smidgen of accuracy here, but not all illegal immigrants are emptying nursing home bedpans or harvesting plums under the Central Valley’s unrelenting sun. They are finding employment in good construction and assembly jobs, and potentially nullifying Trump administration policies that are helping to increase U.S. wages. Admittedly, many of them do work hard. Does that mean we must accept any and all comers? No.

It is time to challenge open-borders Democrats when they evoke the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” guilt trip. Huddled masses have historically entered the country legally. We’re not obliged now to take in millions of such masses illegally.

When the left talks about how illegals pay taxes too, remember, they annually take billions out of circulation with remittances to families still living in the countries they left in search of a better standard of living and U.S. dollars to send home.

What final and supposedly irrefutable argument do open-borders advocates deploy against the majority in favor of sane immigration laws? To be for such laws is to allegedly harbor racism against brown-skinned Hispanic people. For that shopworn trope, the Canadian analogy suffices. Should the script be flipped and our southern neighbors were prosperous while our neighbors in Canada, facing poverty, violence, and corruption, attempted to overrun the contiguous United States, the same citizens currently supporting closure of the southern border would be advocating for a closure of the northern border.

We’ve only scratched the surface. Not yet mentioned are the most critical reasons why President Trump must act: drugs, human trafficking, criminal illegals, cartels, and potential terrorists. Not to mention, if the GOP has any instinct for self-preservation: potential Democrat voters.

The invasion is being televised, and must stop. We need drones in the sky, boots on the ground, amphibious crafts like the ones that raided Roger Stone’s house on the Rio Grande. We need military intelligence creating a strategic plan to stanch the flow while whatever wall or walls will be built are being built.

Spurious immigration arguments were long ago rendered illegitimate. They seek to obfuscate dangerous truths about the crisis on our southern border. If Mexico continues to run the clock with recalcitrance, the president should act now, send a big message to other nations and to the overwhelming number of U.S. citizens—of all races, creeds, and colors—who are clamoring for border sanity.

Our long national immigration nightmare should forthwith reach what will go down in history as the beginning of the end.