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Gun Nanny DiFi: No Law Would Have Stopped Vegas Gunman

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013, to introduce legislation on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Anti-Second Amendment crusader Senator Dianne Feinstein admitted on a Sunday spin show that no law could have stopped the maniac who massacred 58 people and injured almost 500 in Las Vegas last week.

“No, he passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions,” Feinstein told CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

But there is one law he definitely broke, which is the law against murder. Criminals don’t follow the law. Nevertheless, she persisted.

“Regulations aren’t going to do it,” Feinstein said on the need for a law over an ATF rule. “We need a law. It can’t be changed by another president.”

Feinstein is referring to the “bump stock,” a firearm modification originally created to assist disabled shooters. Last week, the National Rifle Association suggested the ATF review its original finding that the device was a “firearm part” and not an actual modification to the firearm action. The bump stock was approved for sale by the Obama administration.

“I think you want to tell ATF to do its job. It’s an interpretive issue and they need to get the job done,” the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre said on “Face the Nation.”

“America is a gun-happy country. And I think there are many of us in growing numbers that don’t want a gun-happy country,” said DiFi.

I think most people have recognized that the person responsible for the massacre was the maniac who executed it. We do not and should not make laws based eon particular situations. Most people had no idea what a bump stock was before this event and they’ve been around for years. What percentage of crimes are committed using bump stocks? With semi-automatic rifles?

Jazz Shaw wrote an informative piece at Hot Air a few years ago about these kinds of statistics. According to Shaw:

Of the actual 8,583 gun murders committed in 2011, 323 were committed with “rifles.” And that’s all rifles, including bolt action, deer hunting rifles and all the rest. The number committed with so called “assault rifles” were a fraction of that. When you ask how dangerous those rifles are, compare that to nearly 1,700 who were stabbed as well as nearly 500 murdered with blunt objects and and more than 700 beaten to death by somebody with their bare hands. Enough said on that topic.

Is this enough evidence to confiscate the 300 million+ firearms in America? Of course, we keep hearing that there needs to be “a conversation about sensible gun reform” from the court jesters on nightly comedy/news shows, rich former mayors, astroturfed “Moms” groups, Hollywood parrots, and Twitter-famous political celebrities, but that’s exactly what they want. We never hear any specifics about their “solutions” and many of them were offering their “solution” of 140-character calls for gun bans before we even knew what the facts were surrounding the massacre.

And if you solution includes an “assault weapon” ban, we already know that had no effect on gun violence. What else ya’ got?