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NYT Blames NRA

The New York Times is going to tell you exactly who is responsible for the Orlando shooting massacre — and it is the NRA.

Omar Mateen slaughtered 49 innocent people. He broadcast and pledged his loyalty to the terrorist Islamic State group. The red flags prior to his jihad attacks were numerous.

We don’t need the New York Times to tell us who is responsible.

The Times admits that “now that the Islamic State has openly called on lone-wolf attackers to take their war to the streets of America, it is a full-blown national-security hazard.” The proper response to this, according to the Times, is to disarm and cripple the public’s ability to protect itself. But why wouldn’t we want to have people on the “streets of America” with the ability to fight back against a “full-blown national-security hazard”?

Instead, the finger is pointed at “a gun lobby that has blocked sensible safety measures at every turn” and the Times evidences a failed Senate bill, a “sensible” one that was shot down by the NRA’s puppets.

“If blocked, the person could challenge that denial in federal court,” describes the Times of the Democrats’ bill. On the other hand, they disparage an alternate bill from the Republicans, and describe Senator Cornyn’s bill by saying it “would give authorities only three days to prove that a suspect is about to commit an act of terrorism — a nearly impossible standard to meet.”

One main reason the Times prefers the Democrat bill is the paper’s authoritarian streak. The paper has no problem abolishing due process and placing the burden on citizens to prove they are innocent should they find themselves on a secret error-riddled list of the government and denied their constitutional rights.

Would the NYT editorial board enthusiastically agree to have certain constitutional rights restricted because their name appeared on the secret government watch list of President George W. Bush?

Regardless of the spin the gun-ignorant New York Times wants to put on its gun control advocacy, the NRA isn’t an independent interest group that has so much money it can bend politicians to its will. The NRA exists because there are millions of people who want to protect their Second Amendment rights. Politicians heed the NRA because millions of voters care about their Second Amendment rights, which the NRA defends. The Left functions differently. The party elite call the shots, like with the super-delegates,  “smart” people, the media and the j-school graduates.

As long as the American voters demand their Second Amendment rights be respected, the NRA will have power.