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Hillary: Gun Lobby Wants Terrorists to Have Firearms

Superdelegate darling Hillary Clinton told an audience of Virginia Democrats and supporters that the gun lobby wants terrorists to have firearms.

“Here’s the worst example of the overreach by the gun lobby: There’s something called the no-fly list. You get on it, you have some connection to terrorists or terrorism,” Clinton told an audience in Fairfax, Virginia, on Monday. “So the gun lobby won’t even let the Congress pass a law prohibiting the people on the no-fly list from buying a gun. What is it about being a terrorist that gives you Second Amendment rights that can be exercised potentially by someone who wants to do harm to Americans.”

“If we can’t figure out how to respect the constitutional rights of gun owners and keep guns out of the hand of people who have felony records or are stalkers, have domestic violence orders against them, are dangerously mentally ill, shame on us,” Clinton said.

Not exactly. People who are on the no-fly list have been put on the list by some bureaucrat; they have not been adjudicated as a “terrorist.” The United States has something called “due process” that lawyer Hillary Clinton is forgetting: under the law we do not strip away the rights of people unless they have their day in court. People on the no-fly list have not had a day in court. Can you imagine a government that just puts people’s names on lists to strip them of their rights without some sort of trial? Hillary can!

Clinton stood on stage with Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Clinton buddy and Second Amendment foe Gov. Terry McAuliffe.