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Airlines Introducing Even SMALLER Bathrooms


Since airplane seats have been getting smaller and closer together, flying the “friendly” skies has been a pretty miserable experience. (We won’t even list the various instances of poor customer service and in-flight problems that have arisen in the last year or two that have turned flying into a hellish experience.)

Well, now it seems that the airline industry intends to top itself when it comes to further crushing the in-flight experience. Since airlines want to accommodate more seats (?!) they will be making the bathrooms even smaller. Yes, the space where you can barely squat without hitting your face on the door will shrink even more.

United is one of the airlines that has already begun introducing the hip, new  disastrously tiny spaces in which passengers are expected to relieve themselves and freshen up during flights. And American Airlines updated some planes to have bathrooms that are only 24 inches wide.

Some Twitter users had a few things to say about the change.

Nope, not luggage storage — it’s toilet storage:

Now tall people can experience less legroom everywhere in the plane:

This looks pretty comfortable:

And yes, 6’3″ is tall, but certainly not giant:

And perhaps the main reason airlines should reconsider this unappealing trend: