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Proud Boys on Long Island or Another Lefty Hoax? Also, Proud Boy Myths Debunked

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)

Holy false flags, Batman!

The New York Post reported Sunday on a supposed “Proud Boys” march in the Long Island town of Rockville Center, New York. The Post reported the following:

About 20 members of the organization — classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League  — took over a street Saturday while clad in black, their faces covered by bandanas, and hoisting “Don’t Tread on Me” flags as they blared rap music from a truck, video shows.

New York Rep. Kathleen Rice, a Democrat, chimed in, referring to the Proud Boys as “white nationalists” and vowing to fight hatred, blah blah blah.

Assemblywoman Judy Griffin, also a Democrat, claims the group did not have a permit for a march—a permit that would have required names and signatures.

“They’re a divisive group of hate and violence. They don’t have any place here,” Griffin stated. “I’m all for freedom of speech, but this group doesn’t have a very good track record and seem to come to communities to incite problems and polarize.”

State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, also a Democrat, chimed in as well, and even had a video of the “Proud Boys” marching and flashing the “OK” symbol, which the left foolishly believes is a signal for “white power.”

This smells fishy to me. One of two things is happening. Either the march is a bogus, false flag move, like the one the Lincoln Project pulled in Virginia, or the Long Island pols have no idea who the Proud Boys really are and what actual fascism looks like.

Here is why:

1.  You’ll notice the politicians who have chimed in are all Democrats and describe the Proud Boys as “neo-fascists” and “white supremacists.” Have they SEEN the leader of the Proud Boys?

Proud Boys Leader Arrest

Meet Enrique Tarrio. His background is described as “Afro-Cuban.” He is not just the leader of the Proud Boys, but he is also the Florida director of Latinos For Trump. He was born in Miami’s “Little Havana” neighborhood. Most importantly, he isn’t white. Would a “white nationalist” group have an Afro-Cuban leader? Not in a million years. Jussie Smollett has lighter skin than Tarrio.

Many Proud Boys aren’t white. Even the painfully left-wing, sorely misled Anti-Defamation League (ADL) knows that the Proud Boys is a multi-ethnic group.

2. The OK “white power” symbol is a hoax. The New York Post mentioned this about a week ago. It started on a website called 4chan. Right-wing trolls told lefties that the OK hand signal stands for “white power.” Liberals seem to LOVE to fall for this hoax again and again.

3. You’ll see in the video above that every “Proud Boy” has his entire face covered except for one, who has half his face covered. Many are wearing sunglasses. I’ve seen real Proud Boys at Trump rallies across the nation. I’ve never seen a group where almost every member has his ENTIRE face covered to conceal his identity. That reeks of Antifa.

4. The timing is perfect for a bogus march of “white nationalists.” Long Island voters sent Democrats packing earlier in November. A black man recently injured 62 white people in the Waukesha, Wisc., terror attack, six of whom died. The Rittenhouse trial has proven Americans CAN defend themselves against the very real fascism brought to us by Antifa and BLM, and as Andy Ngo mentioned, they are terrified.

5. This wouldn’t be the first time the left has pulled this kind of nonsense. As I mentioned, they just tried something similar at a Youngkin rally prior to election day in Virginia. Five members of the Lincoln Project donned white shirts, khaki pants, and sunglasses and snagged tiki torches, you know, to conjure images of Charlottesville. They stood near Youngkin’s bus for a photo op. The first problem is that they were wearing sunglasses and holding tiki torches in the pouring rain. Also, one of the “white nationalists” was black.

The “Proud Boys” marching on Long Island appear to have the same problem as the tricksters in Virginia. They are trying too hard to look like real Proud Boys, to the point they are a caricature, flashing fake OK, “white power” hand signals, and even a Nazi-like arm salute. The Proud Boys are not known for storming into businesses and causing disruptions. That is 100% Antifa.

Speaking of fascism, have you seen the cost of Antifa’s and BLM’s little fits? It’s at least $1 billion and might be closer to $2 billion. Here is a comparison of the damages incurred by Antifa and BLM vs. The Proud Boys and everyone else on Jan. 6.

I’m not stating with 100% certainty that these aren’t real Proud Boys. One thing I DO know is that the left is using the march to jump on the throats of the multi-ethnic Proud Boys, calling them “white nationalists” and “neo-fascists” when anyone paying attention knows Antifa and BLM are the living embodiment of fascism in America, and the New York Post, of all newspapers, should know that by now.

I also know that the Proud Boys have a history of defending people against the panty-wearing clowns of Antifa, who are REALLY known for violence. Ann Coulter relied on a Proud Boys security team to keep 2,000 members of Antifa away from her when she was giving a speech.

Gavin McInnes started the Proud Boys as a drinking club for “western chauvinist” men. In the video below, he gives a brief, tongue-in-cheek speech about how the Proud Boys began, how they are constantly attacked by Antifa, and how the Proud Boys pummel them, always in self-defense.