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[WATCH] FDA Worker Recommends Blow Darts for Vaccinating Black People

[WATCH] FDA Worker Recommends Blow Darts for Vaccinating Black People
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Nazis, racism, manipulated data, and politics at the FDA: Project Veritas’ second Covid-19 vaccination video seems like a comedy but ultimately isn’t very funny. In the video, FDA economist Taylor Lee calls for vaccinating black people with “blow darts” so many times you’ll wonder if he is he joking or not. When the Project Veritas undercover reporter suggests that blow darts might remind black folks of slaves being rounded up in Africa, Lee suggests blow-darting white people first so that black folks can’t claim “racism.”

Lee, in what appears to be several meetings with the undercover journalist, also suggests handling non-vaccinated people in Nazi-like ways, including identifying the unvaxxed “like, with a Jewish star” and going door-to-door to force vaccinations.

Lee suggests that educated white people are down with the vax. He thinks uneducated white people, “like in Alabama,” and black folks should be forced, or even tricked, into getting the jab.

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Lee goes on say that the FDA, with the exception of their scientists, is polluted with politics. Even worse, he discusses how data can be manipulated.

The real punchline is when Lee, presumably an “educated white person,” tells the undercover journalist, “If you’re an undercover journalist, you can’t quote me.”

Watch the video below: