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Why Should Cuomo Resign? Democrats Almost Always Get Away With Their Misdeeds

Why Should Cuomo Resign? Democrats Almost Always Get Away With Their Misdeeds
AP Photo/Richard Drew

Cuomo Won’t Quit

Democrats are maestros when it comes to keeping power, even when they don’t deserve it.

They are also really good at pretending to champion minorities, whom they then proceed to throw under the bus. Cuomo is just the latest Democrat to abuse a group his party pretends to support.

Virginia Needs an Enema

Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph Northam attended a college party in either blackface OR a klan hood, he “doesn’t recall” which costume was his. He apologized. He later admitted also he dressed up in blackface to look like Michael Jackson, and even almost moonwalked to show how down he really was with Jackson. His wife talked him out of what would have been the saddest and yet most entertaining a** kissing moment in political history.

Despite dressing in blackface to look like Michael Jackson, and wearing one of the two racist costumes above, Northam didn’t resign. Why should he? He’s a Democrat. That means he is political Kevlar.

Northam’s second in Command, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, has two rape accusations against him. Not only did he not resign, he is running for governor this year. Despite the two top leaders of Virginia behaving horribly toward black people and women, two groups they pretend to champion, Virginians have obediently voted Democrat since 2008.

Slick Willie

Bill Clinton famously paid women he had behaved disrespectfully toward. Juanita Broaddrick accused him of rape, which NBC hid. Clinton was caught leaving an “Onan salute” on Monica Lewinsky’s dress, and still did not resign. During the Lewinsky scandal, his popularity grew. Democrat voters will vote for a rapist, as long as the candidate supports the rights of women to abort a baby.

What About Katie Hill And Al Franken?

Katie Hill was sleeping with staffers, which is against House rules. She was new. No one will tolerate the new person blatantly breaking rules of sexual conduct.

Franken was possibly pressured to resign because Democrats had their eye on Trump. They couldn’t take down Trump over sexual misconduct if they had a senator of their own with seven women accusing him of inappropriate behavior and a picture where he pretends to fondle a sleeping woman. He was likely collateral damage.

Out With the Old

The goose of Andrew Cuomo is most likely cooked. It’s about time. He may not go peacefully. They will likely have to pry him out of the governor’s mansion with a spork. The real crime here is just what it takes to remove a tyrant. Killing 15,000 elderly people wasn’t enough to even warrant a civil rights investigation. He had to grab a lot of women before his party would even consider looking at their COVID-era golden boy. It’s possible Cuomo would have gotten away with everything if Letitia James didn’t have her eye on his gig.