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Now You Are a Racist if You Don't Want Your Kid Near a Pit Bull

Now You Are a Racist if You Don't Want Your Kid Near a Pit Bull
Evan Agostini

Wokeness Comes to the Pet World

The non-profit group Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) released a statement suggesting fear of pit bulls makes you a racist.

But wait, pit bulls are just 6.5% of all dogs in the United States and yet were responsible for 66% of total fatal dog attacks between 2005 and 2017. That makes them dangerous–if, of course, you’re a RACIST who believes in FACTS and DATA! Check you privilege, whitey, and let that dog eat your daughter’s face.

“By ending these exclusionary breed restrictions, we will chip away at the long-time practice of big insurance justifying reasons not to ensure the consumers they call “high risk” which is often just code for race or class discrimination,” Stacey Coleman , Animal Farm Foundation’s $142,000 a year executive director, stated.

Personally, the race of the dog’s owner isn’t an issue to me. I just don’t want my grandmother getting mauled.

“Tying the societal perception of pit bulls to anti-Black racism has become a theme in certain American academic circles,” wrote a hipster at

Call me a racist, but I don’t want my uncle killed.

In its statement, the AFF cites the work of Ann Linder, a legislative policy fellow useful idiot from Harvard Law School’s Animal Law and Policy Program. According to her paper, “The Black Man’s Dog: The Social Context of Breed Specific Legislation,” pit bulls have been unfairly tied to “gang violence by urban youths, as well as the hip-hop music scene.”

Tell that to rap sensation Pit Bull. Notice his alias isn’t “Chihuahua.” You may also want to inform urban youth members of the Golden State Gang, not to mention the gang referred to at the Pitt Bull Crew.

FACT-O-RAMA! A lot of black people like pit bulls. A lot of pit bulls are violent. Not wanting to be get shredded by pit bulls doesn’t make you a racist. The pinkos writing these dog pile articles are idiots.

“Some pit bulls were selected and bred for their fighting ability. That means that they may be more likely than other breeds to fight with dogs.” Apparently filthy racists have taken over the ASPCA.

Battle of the Woke Whites

University of California-Riverside teacher Katja Guenther argued that inequalities in the treatment of shelter animals are “powerfully linked to human ideas about race, class, gender, ability, and species” in her book The Lives and Deaths of Shelter Animals. Guenther also wrote that shelter animals’ deaths were “the outcome of everyday and sustained collisions of capitalism, anthroparchy, white supremacy, and patriarchy.”

There it is! White supremacy has come to the dog pound. Why do we allow these people to breed, not to mention teach our kids?

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Guenther is now working on a “feminist analysis” of how wild animals and companion animals interact. Hopefully Guenther will study wild hogs. Hopefully the hogs aren’t infiltrated by white supremacists.