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Cuomo's New Gun-Violence Emergency Is Nothing But a Shameless Gun Grab

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Cuomo Wants to Get Your Gat

In yet another obscene power grab by New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, the loutish Gov has signed an executive order declaring a gun-violence emergency and has promised to sign legislation that would allow lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

You watch, guns will become “racist.”

Blame Shame

Cuomo claims he is going for the “root cause” of gun violence but hasn’t mentioned re-instating bail laws, withdrawing his insane idea of letting felons out of prison, or his classic: the law that guaranteed no one would see jail time “just” because he got caught with an illegal gun.

The proposed statute says gun industry players can be held liable for the illegal or “unreasonable” sale, manufacture, distribution, importing, or marketing of firearms that cause a “public nuisance.”

FACT-O-RAMA! The average age of the guns confiscated from criminals in New York is 10 years old. Will stopping new guns from coming into the state help?

Here is an idea: Bring back the undercover anti-crime Unit, the team responsible for getting guns off the streets of New York City. Unfortunately, Mayor Bill de Blasio did away with it.

Cuomo’s proposed law seems very vague and quite encompassing. I’m not sure how this law will affect your typical gang-banger who purchased his gun illegally. If I’m reading this correctly, it seems that if Joey Gangbanger shoots a rival, whoever made, shipped, marketed, etc., his weapon can be held responsible, as can virtually everyone else in the firearms industry.

This law would be acceptable if Cuomo’s true target were people illegally building, importing, and/or selling guns for felons. Yet, looky here, under Senate Bill S7196,


To regulate the sale, manufacture, importation and marketing of firearms in relation to creating or maintaining a condition that endangers safety or health through the sale, manufacturing, importing or marketing of firearms within the guidelines of City of New York v Beretta USA Corp.,

524 F3d 384 (2d Cir. 2008).

I Called It! Guns Are Racist!

#KnewIt! Of course guns are racist. From Section 1.

This nuisance (gun violence) poses specific harm to New Yorkers based largely on their zip code and certain immutable characteristics such as race and ethnicity.

The bill continues:

Illegal firearm violence has disproportionately affected underserved black and brown neighborhoods in our cities and  throughout the state despite stringent state and local laws against the illegal possession of firearms,

My Two Cents
Why did Cuomo create this violent situation? Pssst, because he wants YOUR guns. He created this violent scenario, which is getting POC killed because it was always about getting guns away from responsible gun owners. And if you disagree with him regarding getting guns off the street, you are a racist who is OK with watching minorities get shot, even though HE scrapped bail laws and let felons out of prison.
Cuomo’s No-Nos

Cuomo, who is seeking a fourth term as New York’s governor, has a rash of “issues” he needs to come clean about:

Cuomo further blames guns and Trump (of course) for the crime surge that he and de Blasio created.