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‘I Think Facebook Is Dead’: An Interview With Street Artist Sabo

For generations, the Left has consistently defined what is “cool” for young voters. From music to movies to art, our impressionable children have followed the lead of elitist liberals on both coasts at the ballot box, and in recent history this has also led to a flood of anti-Republican rhetoric on the pages of social media giant Facebook.


Several weeks ago, we saw CEO Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress regarding the social media giant’s internal censorship policies, including the treatment of pro-Trump pages managed by political personalities including Diamond and Silk, and the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

This week, Zuckerberg is scheduled to attend a private hearing with members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Many MEPs such as  Sven Giegold and Guy Verhofstadt have argued that Zuckerberg should allow the meeting to be live-streamed for transparency.

Conservative street artist and political provocateur Sabo — who has served several account suspensions on Facebook due to their dislike of his style of communication on its platform — went on the offensive against Mark Zuckerberg near his New York home and near Facebook headquarters this spring.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Sabo and pick his brain on social media, Hollywood’s interpretations of the right and his opinions on the direction of the country under President Trump. Here are his takes:

Q: You have never been afraid to attack the very powerful Hollywood establishment, from the hypocrisy of the #MeToo movement to millionaire capitalists attempting to influence voters into accepting socialism. Have you ever felt intimidated or in danger as a result of your artistic expression?

A: You know, I have felt … “watched,” if you will. I used to feel intimidated. Not too much anymore, which concerns me because fear is a great way to insure you to keep clear of danger. I used to notice every van parked out front. Whenever I attacked a super-famous person I always seemed to get ill afterwards. I almost felt they had witch doctors sticking pins into a Sabo doll. Having the Secret Service visit didn’t help much, but I turned that into a win by recording their visit and putting it online for everyone to see. I almost always have some sort of weapon with me, so … yeah, I guess I am still a bit on guard, just not as much as I’d like to be.

Q: As a Hollywood resident yourself, do you think the image of America they attempt to craft is an accurate representation of what you see on the streets and in your travels across the country?

A: In the Marines, there’s a saying: “Good intentions, bad judgment.” I understand why the Left does what they do. Sadly, they’re wrong in their reasoning due to being overly sheltered and insulated from the “normalities” everyday people have to deal with. It’s kind of like a rich kid grows up feeling guilty for growing up rich, and their solution to helping out less fortunate is to take money from hard-working people and to give it to those too lazy to get their asses up and even try. OK, maybe not the best example, but what I see in many parts of the country is nothing like what goes on in Hollywood or L.A.

The South has its problems, every place has its problems. Forgive me, but at the moment I feel a bit defeated, because I know there is very little I can do to change people. They have to do it for themselves. I can’t change Hollywood any more than I can change Southerners. The best I can do is put a mirror in front of them and pray for the best. Personally, I think we all need to chill, take a breath and try a little harder to understand each other. This cultural civil war is tiring. Tiring, but I understand if the Left wins, this country is over.

Q: Your most recent “hit” was against Facebook and was a general commentary against the statist tactics of the Left (data collection, political targeting, psychological profiling, et cetera.) Do you think that the majority of social media users have been dumbed down to the point that these Orwellian tactics are far too easily accepted?

A: I can’t speak about the latest hit, but I will comment on our current place in the whole social networking mess in front of us. I love that the socials have lost their minds and shown us their “Leftist” cards the way they have so early on. By the time the 2020 elections come around, they’ll be in such shambles they won’t have nearly the strength they used to. No one trusts them anymore. No one likes them anymore. I believe it was the author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, who predicted that when these technologies came to oversee us … they would be so attractive we won’t fight them, we’ll beg for them. They don’t have to be pushed on us. Been there, done that.

I think many have had enough. I hope more and more people unplug. I think Facebook is dead. That’s why Zuckerberg is dumping stock, that’s why he’s investing in other opportunities. It’s done. YouTube is next. If you want to ruin something, put it in the hands of a Leftist.

Q: We have seen many positive changes in America under President Trump. Minorities are doing better economically, and the middle of the country is doing better as well as a result of tax reform. Do you think Hollywood’s attempts to discredit the many victories of the new administration will result in a change in leadership for either chamber of Congress this coming election?

A: I hope not. I see the Left is being vocal as hell with one rally after another. If anything, they show their asses. If Republicans were serious they’ll force Voter ID laws before the next election. That would put a stop to all this bulls***. But for whatever reason they aren’t serious. They are either too dumb, or maybe they like giving the Left an edge. Who the hell knows. Again, I love that the Left has s*** the bed so soon in Trump’s presidency. If they had any brains they’d have kept their powder dry at least until the midterms. Now they just look like a bunch of “pussy hat”- wearing loons. We better show up during the midterms, or the next two years are going to be hell for us.


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