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Antifa Came to Phoenix

Trump came to Phoenix the other day, so the left responded with a big demonstration. Nothing gets their hearts beating faster than yelling insults at people in the name of peace and love. Contrary to the media image, we have a lot of these folks in Arizona.

I’ve been to these events before, and they are always weird — and kind of fun.  Where normal people might go to a parade, admire the floats, and say “howdy” to folks, the leftists go to a “demo,” admire the slogans and signs, and say “howdy” to folks. Then they start yelling. My favorite sign was “Trump Can’t Build the Wall, His Fingers Are Too Small!”

Having a good time down at the demo

In the ‘60s, it was draft dodgers and other “useful idiots” marching to the tune of Marxist-inspired agitators, along with the SDS and Maoists.  And, of course, the hot hippy chicks were there. The chant of “Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh Is Going to Win” was a favorite — nothing like cheering for a guy who was killing Americans and enslaving folks to inspire people. But when the threat of being drafted to Vietnam ended, the demonstration attendance declined from tens of thousands to a few hundred.

In 2004, the animal spirits were rekindled, and the theme was “Bushitler.” Another war, so another reason to cheer for America’s defeat. But Kerry was defeated first, so that died.

This time, they are demonstrating because Trump and his supporters really are Nazis. Really! They told me, with signs and slogans. “Shame!” was chanted at the rally attendees.

On the other hand, the left is diverse and peaceful (just ask them), so Black Lives Matter folks were there to tell us Trump is a Nazi. Transgender rights folks were there to tell us Trump is a Nazi. Hispanic ethno-nationalists added to the chorus.  Lots of aging hippies wandered around with signs. The only thing lacking was diversity of opinion — because Trump, of course, is a Nazi.


Everyone was peaceful. You could tell the love in their hearts from their signs saying “Love Trumps Hate” and their shouts of “F*ck Trump!” But really, they were very nice to me, since I wasn’t wearing a Trump hat. Also peaceful were the five heavily armed guys in one group, and four in another. I couldn’t tell who was on which side – I had to ask. The four were from an Arizona “militia,”the five from “Redneck Revolt” – an “anti-capitalist, anti-racist and anti-fascist” group.

The only actual counter-demonstrator was a guy ranting through a bullhorn about Muslims, surrounded by police and media. The remaining thousands of Trump supporters waited calmly in line to get into the Trump rally, separated from the demonstrators by a street and lots of police and barricades.

The Antifa –- “anti-fascists” — were also peaceful, well… in my presence. The red and black-clad, masked spokesman was careful to tell me they would only use violence if attacked. But earlier, I overheard him saying: “Hate speech is not free speech. It is protected by the federal government, but if you say it around me, watch out!” and “Do anything you gotta do.”

As the hot day turned into evening, I sensed violence coming, and left. Thirty minutes later, the police were attacked with bottles and rocks. They responded with pepper spray and drove the peaceful crowd away.

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