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San Francisco Decides Not to Rename Schools Named for Washington, Lincoln, Other Dead White Dudes

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

A few months ago, the San Francisco school board voted to rename of a bunch of schools because they were named after dead white racists such as, um… Abraham Lincoln. Yes, that Abraham Lincoln. It was like they said, “Thanks, Abe, but what have you done for us lately?” I know I’m supposed to get incensed by this sort of culture-war crap, but when I heard about it I just rolled my eyes. I mean, it’s San Francisco. That town was woke before anybody had ever heard of “woke.” That’s what they’re all about. Of course they’re gonna cancel Lincoln for being a racist. Of course they’ll interpret the whole of human history through the lens of whichever trend started prevailing in the last five minutes. If they want to do dumb crap like this, it’s their community and they can decide on their own standards. And I will continue to help them out by never, ever living there.

But sometimes people can surprise you. Sometimes well-meaning folks can make stupid mistakes and learn from it. Or, if they don’t exactly learn from it, at least they can stop doing it. Emma Talley, San Francisco Chronicle:

The San Francisco school board voted unanimously Tuesday to reverse its decision to rename 44 schools it deemed were associated with slavery, oppression, genocide and colonization — in a move to avoid an expensive lawsuit…

In January, the school board voted 6-1 to rename 44 schools, including Lincoln, Washington, Mission and Balboa high schools, as well as Alamo, Jefferson and Serra elementary schools…

The reversal is a reaction to a lawsuit that alleges the board violated the Brown Act, the state’s open meeting law, because the public agenda item said only that the board would decide on a list of potential schools to be renamed. A San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled last month that the district should either rescind the vote or show why it shouldn’t be compelled to do so.

So it sounds like a case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason. They should’ve reversed the decision because it’s dumb as hell, not because of a lawsuit. But a result is a result. The right thing is the right thing, even if you resent being forced to do it.

Oh yeah, and there’s also the issue that they were voting on this nonsense when they were supposed to be working to get kids back in school during the pandemic. That’s, y’know, the whole purpose of having a school in the first place, no matter what name you put on the sign out front. You’re supposed to be teaching children, not reverting to children.

Speaking of insane lefty “educators” who should never be allowed near kids, check out the latest from that loon Randy Weingarten:

The president of the American Federation of Teachers spewing anti-Semitism seems like a problem to me, but what do I know anyway? I don’t even vote Democrat.

Is it any wonder so many people are turning to homeschooling? If you want a job done right…

This pandemic hasn’t been fun, but it’s been clarifying. If you’ve ever labored under the misconception that the people who have power over your life are competent or professional, if you’ve ever trusted the bureaucrats who want to tell you how the world is and make all your decisions for you, now you know better. Or at least you should.

If you’re reading this and you live in San Francisco, here’s a question: Why? Why put up with this garbage? There’s a better way. America’s a big country and we’ve got plenty of room. Defect!