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Kathy Griffin 'Will Not Back Down' from Kentucky Schoolchildren She Tried to Destroy

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If you think you’ve had a tough couple of years, just imagine how former comedian Kathy Griffin must feel. First the jovial jokestress published a hilarious photo where she beheaded Donald Trump in effigy and posed next to his blood-drenched face, but not everybody thought it was funny. Whaddaya gonna do, right? Tough crowd. Then she was forced to make a groveling apology, and then she decided she wasn’t sorry. (After all, Trump never apologizes, so why should she? The best way to show you’re better than your enemy is to behave exactly like your enemy.) Then she went on a comedy tour she called “Laugh Your Head Off,” just to show the world how sorry she wasn’t.

Then, in January 2019, the entire liberal media and its various adherents had a collective nervous breakdown over a Kentucky teenager on a school trip to the Lincoln Memorial, because he smiled awkwardly at a Native American man who was banging a drum in his face and somebody took a picture of it. Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press all instantly knew that this boy, Nick Sandmann, was the embodiment of evil because he was wearing a MAGA hat he probably picked up at a D.C. gift shop. They went at that kid hammer and sickle tongs.

Eventually, the truth would come out that the Native American man was a notorious liar and the Kentucky schoolchildren were in the middle of being harangued by some Black Israelite lunatics, and Sandmann did literally nothing but stand there. But the American Left didn’t wait for those facts to come out before attacking those children and trying to ruin their lives.

And Kathy Griffin was more than happy to do her part.


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Ha ha ha! Funny jokes! Griffin truly is one of America’s finest wits. She also claimed the boys were throwing up “the new nazi sign,” apparently meaning the OK symbol that the Left now believes is evil except when they do it, but for some reason she deleted that tweet.

You’d think those kids and their parents would appreciate being educated by someone who’s so much better than they are, but they decided to sue her anyway. Why, just because she threatened to dig up their personal info and punish them for wearing the wrong hats? Since when is that a crime? Uh, here in America we’ve got a little something called the First Amendment, y’know!

Griffin, free speech martyr that she is, has been fêted by outlets like the Daily Beast for being such a victim. The poor multimillionaire celebrity is being oppressed. It’s like David vs. Goliath, and in this case the evil giant is, of course, a group of schoolkids from Kentucky.

Griffin and her fans celebrated last month when the case got thrown out of a Kentucky court because it’s out of their jurisdiction, but her harrowing nightmare isn’t over yet:

“I will not back down. Ever.”

Do you people understand how much Kathy Griffin has sacrificed for your American right to attack children? She just had to sell her $15 million mansion in Beverly Hills because of those meddling kids. Why couldn’t they just let her dox them and destroy their lives because they went on a school trip to D.C. wearing hats that drove her into a rage? Don’t they know who she is???

Get it through your thick skulls, all you conservatives and right-wingers and other deplorables: Journalists, celebrities, and other Democrats can do whatever they want to you, and if you fight back, you’re a fascist. Libs are always the victims, which means they’re always the heroes.

Now shut up.

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