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CNN Calls Out U.S. Coronavirus Task Force for... Lack of Diversity?

CNN Calls Out U.S. Coronavirus Task Force for... Lack of Diversity?
Colorized transmission electron micrograph of the novel coronavirus that emerged in 2012 (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases via NIH)

The Coronavirus is making a lot of news these days, and it’s tough to know how worried we should be. Is it something to sniffle at or not? That remains to be seen, but there’s another illness that we know we must eradicate from our society: white people.


Here’s one of them now:

Notice anything about those pictures? Here, take a closer look:

You see it? You see the problem? No, of course you don’t. But that’s okay, because CNN’s Brandon Tensley did:

It’s a statement that’s as predictable as it is infuriating: President Donald Trump’s administration lacks diversity…

Who are these experts? They’re largely the same sort of white men (and a couple women on the sidelines) who’ve dominated the Trump administration from the very beginning.

By contrast, former President Barack Obama’s circle of advisers in the face of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa was hardly so monochromatic. Neither was it so abysmal in terms of gender diversity.

Are these people qualified to tackle this problem? It doesn’t matter. This is bad because they’re mostly white people, and mostly males.


Do you really want your life to be saved by a bunch of white dudes? I’ll bet they’d love that, wouldn’t they? They’d be all lording it over you, like, “Oh, I can’t help but notice you’re not dying of the plague. You’re welcome.” Uh, thanks for nothing, you racist transphobes.

Look, if it weren’t for the Wright Brothers, a couple of white guys, that virus would still be stuck all the way over in China. White people got us into this mess, and now we’re supposed to trust them to get us out of it?

Illnesses might not care about gender or color or any other checkboxes, but we sure do. It’s time to find a cure for the cruelest disease of all: whiteness!

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(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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