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Libs Own Trump's Space Force for Wearing Camo

America is the only country to ever put people on the Moon — all white males, naturally! — but we haven’t been there since 1972. Bell bottoms and 8-tracks went out of style, and so did exploring space. Decades later we now have the Space Force, but it’s bad because it’s happening while Trump is president.

That’s why all the smart people are goofing on this announcement:

Whoa, wait a sec! Isn’t this called the Space Force? Then what’s up with the uniform? How is that going to protect them in space?

Get rekt, Space Force:

Good point, Aaron! And for that matter, why doesn’t the Air Force wear sky blue uniforms dotted with puffy clouds? Why doesn’t the Navy put their guys in jumpsuits with fishies and seaweed on them? Do they want the enemy to see them?

The Space Force made a dumb excuse, of course:

Yeah, right!

Now, you might be saying: “Unless they think these Space Force guys will be floating around in space with no spacesuits, trying to hide from Martians that are shooting at them, I’m not sure why it matters what they wear!” If that’s what you think, it’s only because you love Trump so much.

It’s bad that the Space Force doesn’t have spiffy new uniforms. And if the Space Force did have spiffy new uniforms, that would be bad too. Everything is bad now, because Hillary lost. Did you know she actually won the popular vote?