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Martha McSally Registers, Liberal Hacks Seethe

(AP Photo/Matt York)

As our once-great nation sinks deeper and deeper into the murky abyss of Trumpism, one brave cadre of dedicated Americans is fighting to keep our foundational ideals alive: firefighters. No, not the firefighters who merely run into burning buildings and save human lives. Any lunkhead can do that. I’m talking about the real firefighters, the journalists who fight the metaphorical fires that threaten to destroy our democracy. These stalwart guardians of the truth are under attack like never before, and we all owe it to them to bear witness to their heroic struggle.

As you may have heard, yesterday Arizona Senator Martha McSally viciously attacked CNN’s Manu Raju with the most deadly weapon known to man: insults.

If you haven’t seen this shocking footage yet, consider this your TRIGGER WARNING. Please send any small children out of the room before watching this graphic and deeply disturbing video:

Not since Donald Trump told Jim Acosta to “Zip it, already” have I witnessed such a brutal display of fascist oppression. Hasn’t McSally heard of the First Amendment? Um, hello, it’s in the Declaration of Independence!

But it wasn’t enough for McSally to spew this rancid hate speech in America’s face. Now she’s gone and done the unthinkable. She’s actually capitalizing on a brief moment of viral fame to fundraise. Remind you of anyone? Perhaps a fellow by the name of Adolf Hitler?

I don’t know how long young Kyle thinks it takes to register a domain name, but I do notice that it happened after she said the bad thing. I guess it’s possible that she planned all this beforehand, and just didn’t think to register the domain until afterward? I’m not sure that entirely makes sense, but if Kyle wants to credit McSally with pulling one over on him and his colleagues in the press, I’ll allow it. If he really thinks she knew exactly how they’d react and lured them all into her trap… okay.

Anyhow, is a thing now. Democracy just died a little more in darkness.

She’s even selling t-shirts:


As you might expect, the fourth estate quickly leapt to the defense of the victims: themselves.

“Hack” = Bad
“Punk” = Good

Anderson Cooper’s comedic timing is as impeccable as ever. That thing he did there with the earpiece, like he was getting new information? Gold! And if there’s anybody who can lecture McSally for taking a shortcut to power and prestige instead of earning her place in the world, it’s the son of Gloria Vanderbilt.

I know I speak for every single American when I say our thoughts and prayers go out to Manu Raju today. Few of us would be brave enough to confront a 5’3″, 102-lb. ruffian like Martha McSally. She literally punched up at him, figuratively speaking. His physical injuries will fade quickly, because there aren’t any. But the psychic wounds may stay with him for life.

Remember: We need to defer to women in politics, but only if they belong to the Democratic Party. McSally chose to join the GOP, thereby revoking her womanhood. She does not and should not benefit from the same rules of decorum that apply to, say, Elizabeth Warren.

#Mansplaining is bad. But #Manusplaining is good!