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Jussie Smollett Still in Trouble?

It’s been almost seven months since everybody who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton was supposed to feel guilty about what those MAGA-hatted thugs did to Jussie Smollett, and slightly more than six months since the obvious truth about his ridiculous hoax was revealed.

For the record, I didn’t believe him for a second:

He made the whole thing up, which was pretty embarrassing for all the people who went to bat for him. And then the city of Chicago dropped the charges against him, which would be embarrassing for Chicago if you didn’t know anything about Chicago.

But if Jussie thought he was off the hook… maybe not? Michael Tarm, AP:

A Chicago judge on Friday named a special prosecutor to look into why state prosecutors abruptly dropped charges against actor Jussie Smollett that accused him of staging a racist, anti-gay attack against himself.

Cook County Judge Michael Toomin’s appointment of former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb raises the possibility that the special prosecutor could bring new charges against the former “Empire” actor…

“I don’t know where this case is going. The facts will take me where I they take me,” [Webb] said, adding that he couldn’t provide a precise timetable but would move the investigation along as quickly as possible.

At this point I’m skeptical that Jussie will face any sort of justice for what he did. Sure, his acting career seems to be on hold for now, but I’m sure he’ll be back. After all, he’s a Democrat in good standing. His crime wasn’t lying, it was getting caught. He’s black and gay, which means holding him accountable for his own actions is both racist and homophobic. And he falsely accused Trump voters of attacking him, and nobody in Hollywood likes those people anyway.

I’ll leave you with Jussie’s GMA interview last February, right before the bottom dropped out. He lied right in Robin Roberts’ face, unconvincingly, and she believed him because she wanted to believe him.

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