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Pete Buttigieg Thinks God Is a Democrat Because God Doesn't Pick Sides

Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks with an AP reporter at Farmers Market in South Bend, Ind., Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

I know it’s homophobic to disagree with and/or dislike a gay person, especially when he’s making a big deal out of being gay because it’s 2019 and he’s running for president and the Democrats are obsessed with identity politics. But I find myself disagreeing with Pete Buttigieg more often than not, and he’s really beginning to irritate me. That’s the focus of modern politics, of course, “owning” the other side by trolling them until they get ticked off. Well, Mayor Pete came to play.

He really has a talent for appearing perfectly reasonable while saying something completely illogical. Like this:

God doesn’t pick sides, and also God is on Buttigieg’s side. You shouldn’t use religion as a weapon, and also religion is Buttigieg’s weapon. God loves everyone, except Republicans.

Pete is famous for learning new languages, but maybe he should concentrate on mastering English.

Look, this is America and you can believe anything you want. If you’re arrogant enough to think you speak for God, and you think He’s telling you to lie about Mike Pence, and you assert that the religious faith of people who belong to an opposing political party couldn’t possibly be sincere, I respect your right to your delusions. But this is just crybullying. Buttigieg is playing the victim of religious oppression, and then telling his supposed oppressors how they should practice their religion. This is how they do things in South Bend, I guess?

Mayor Pete is more measured and even-tempered while spewing insane nonsense than most of the other Democrats, so he appeals to people who want the complete opposite of Trump. The facade falls apart when you actually listen to the words, but the #Resistance doesn’t care about that. Pete is their Beto upgrade now.

P.S. When it comes to members of the LGBTQ community using their identity as both a sword and shield, Mayor Pete now has competition. Check out this jerk.

Well, this will make Brian Sims a #woke hero. Remember when Democrats pretended to respect women? That was just another lie. Imagine a Republican politician berating a pro-abortion woman on the street for eight solid minutes and then putting it on the Internet. He’d be all over every national newscast. He’d be the new face of the GOP. Instead, here’s the media’s reaction to Brian Sims: