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A Red Hat Never Hurt Anybody

Let’s say you’re sitting in Starbucks on a lovely spring day, just enjoying a cup of their burnt, overpriced coffee and minding your own business. Suddenly, a complete stranger walks up and starts screaming at you because you’re wearing a red baseball cap with a slogan popularized by the current president of the United States. This angry woman, who you’ve never met in your life, calls you a “Nazi” and a “racist” and claims you “hate brown people.” She exhorts the rest of the coffee shop to rise up against you, and follows you out to the parking lot to yell at you some more. Then, after you escape, this complete stranger posts your picture on Facebook, vowing to find out where you live and work so she can make you “feel as unsafe as [you] made every brown person [you] met today.”

All because you were wearing a hat she didn’t like.

This actually happened in real life, earlier this week in Palo Alto. I’m not going to name the woman, because she’s already been fired from her job and doesn’t need me piling on her, but you can find out more here. I would recommend a 72-hour psychiatric hold, but she already lives in the Bay Area, so that would be redundant.

This sort of thing keeps happening. There was the guy in Texas who grabbed a MAGA hat off a kid’s head in a restaurant. There was the woman in Boston who did the same thing, and then got picked up by ICE because she’s a Brazilian national who’s been living here illegally for 25 years. There was the woman who got pepper-sprayed by some Antifa loser because she was wearing a “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat. And of course, there’s Nick Sandmann, who was attacked by the full force of the American media for the crime of wearing a souvenir cap while smiling at a Native American man who was banging a drum in his face. For those who are still reeling from Hillary’s loss after all this time, just seeing that hat is #triggeringAF.

Speaking as a cuck RINO traitor who probably wanted Hillary to win, this is utter lunacy and I wish everybody would just calm the hell down. It’s a hat. A hat. If your grasp on reality is so tenuous that you decide to blow up your whole life over some guy’s hat, then maybe the problem isn’t the hat.

In order to win in 2020, all the Dems need to do is appear mostly sane at first glance. And they just can’t pull it off.