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Will There Ever Be Peace Between Trump Fans and Jim Acosta?

Jim Acosta of CNN listens during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Is there anybody in journalism today who’s better than Jim Acosta? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. Jim Acosta is the best Jim Acosta we’ve ever had, and he’s the Jim Acosta we all deserve. The Trump presidency has brought this guy the notoriety he seems to think he deserves, but it hasn’t always been easy. To become as legendary as Acosta clearly wants to be, a guy is going to take a few hard knocks. And, having taken those hard knocks, he’s then going to pout and throw a fit about it.

We all remember when the president of the United States was mean to him:

And that time the White House press secretary was mean to him:

And that other time she was mean to him:

Have you ever seen such cruelty?

And as if all that wasn’t bad enough, Trump fans have been really, really mean to him:

“You can hear, there is a chorus of boos and other chants in this Trump crowd here in Tampa, Florida. They’re saying things like, ‘CNN sucks,’ ‘Go home,’ and ‘Fake news.’ Wolf, obviously, all of those things are false.”


Now, I’m old enough to remember when my Daily Caller colleague Neil Munro tried to ask the president a question, and it became a national scandal. He interrupted the Lightworker! He displeased The One! Munro was branded not just pushy and rude, but outright racist. His mistake was that he was confrontational to a Democrat. He disrespected liberal power.

Neil Munro was berated by supporters of the president too, but the difference was that they were all in the press corps. Most reporters are Democrats and feel protective of Democrat presidents, so they bristle at any attempt to hold them to the same standard they impose when their party is out of power. And they’re never been more furious about being out of power than they are now.

Anyway, it’s difficult to imagine the pain and heartbreak Mr. Acosta has felt over the past two years. All he wants to do is get the facts by making a spectacle of himself in front of a camera. He’s an old-school journalist who gets the story by making himself the story. He’s Ted Baxter without the brains or shame or self-awareness. He bravely speaks truth to power, regardless of the complete lack of risk to his career or person.

And in return for all his hard work and keen insight, these ingrates treat him like dirt. Don’t they know how lucky they are to have him in their midst, bestowing his grace upon them?

But maybe it’s not too late to make a new start. Maybe #MAGA and #Resist can still get along. Just look at this:

Anybody remember when we were all on the same team? I do.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Acosta has given up being a victim. Just look at the oppression he still suffers:

Utterly harrowing.

But seriously, folks. Acosta is a clown, he hasn’t earned our respect, and it’s unlikely he ever will. But it would be nice if everybody could just calm down. When you yell and scream and flip him off and make a big fuss about him, you’re just feeding into his martyr complex. He enjoys this, because it makes him feel important.

Plus, it’s just rude. You should be more like those folks in Ft. Meyers. Make America Gracious Again!