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Miami Herald Columnist Tweets Her Wish That More Republicans Would Die Of Coronavirus

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

On Sunday, Fabiola Santiago, a columnist for the Miami Herald, tweeted that loosening restrictions on Florida beaches would do nicely to thin the ranks of Republicans:

Screen grab of the tweet before it was deleted

Santiago referred to supporters of President Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez, all Republicans. She later deleted the tweet and offered a half-hearted apology that reads like a hostage tape:

Here’s a screen cap in case more tweets go missing:


Twitter didn’t exactly accept the veracity of her apology.

The Speaker of the State House weighed in:

Speaker Oliva’s full statement reads:

Fabiola Santiago shed the often thin veil of impartiality long ago. Now, she reduces herself further by openly wishing for the death of those Floridians who don’t share her views. It is a stain upon the @MiamiHerald and the actual professionals who work there to be associated with this sort of blatant and bush league behavior. Journalism, like politics, often reinforce the unfortunate stereotypes associated to them. I call on the Herald to denounce @fabiolasantiago‘s statement.

Apparently Santiago doesn’t fancy those who might just have a bit of concern about the upheaval in people’s lives.

As of Monday afternoon, the Herald had not released a statement regarding Santiago.

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