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'Really Horrific': First Responders and Bystanders Targeted in Tucson Shootings

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KOLD News 13 and KOVA in Tucson, Ariz., report that two people are dead and several more were injured when a single gunman opened fire on an ambulance crew staging near the scene of a house fire on Sunday:

Tucson police Chief Chris Magnus said the incidents began with a call about a house fire near South Campbell Avenue and East Irene Vista at 3:45 p.m.

At the same time, an armed suspect went to the Quincie Douglas Center at Silverlake Park and approached an ambulance that was staging for the house fire.

Magnus said the suspect, an unnamed 35-year-old man, opened fire on the EMTs, hitting one in the head and one in the arm and chest.

The 20-year-old EMT who was shot in the head was taken to the hospital in critical condition while the other, a 21-year-old, was stable, according to Magnus.

Magnus said the 21-year-old EMT was able to call for help and describe the suspect and his vehicle, a silver SUV.

The gunman fled in his SUV and went to the scene of the nearby house fire.

Magnus said the armed man then reportedly began firing his weapon at TFD personnel and nearby bystanders.

TPD said a 17-year Tucson Fire captain was struck in the arm and a bystander who lives in the neighborhood was grazed by a bullet in connection to the shooting at the house fire.

One other neighbor, later identified as a 44-year-old man, was shot in the head. The individual was pronounced deceased at the scene.

As law enforcement officers arrived, the gunman tried again to flee by ramming a police vehicle. The gunman exchanged fire with a responding officer. The officer shot the gunman.

The gunman is listed in “very critical condition” as is the 21-year-old EMT he shot in the head.

Later, investigators found the badly burned body of an unidentified individual at the scene of the house fire. Two or three children associated with the residence are also missing and no motive is known at this time.

“This is a highly tragic, really horrific incident, with many unknowns,” Magnus said.

The investigation is ongoing.