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Trump Blasts Senate Dems after 'One of the Most Shocking Votes in the History of Congress'

Senate Democrats blocked passage of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act Monday night in what President Trump called “one of the most shocking votes in the history of Congress.” The final vote was 53-44, seven votes short of the 60 needed to overcome a legislative filibuster.

The legislation would have required abortion doctors to provide medical care to infants born alive after an attempted abortion.

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) and cosponsored by 49 of his fellow Republican senators. Only three Democrats crossed the aisle to support the bill — Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, and Doug Jones of Alabama.

Three Republican senators did not vote on the bill: Kevin Cramer (N.D.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), and Tim Scott (S.C.). According to their communications directors, both Cramer and Scott missed the vote due to flight delays.

All six Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls in the Senate voted against the measure, including Bernie Sanders (Vt.), Kamala Harris (Calif.), Cory Booker (N.J.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Amy Klobuchar (Minn.), and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.).

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tweeted that he wasn’t surprised by the outcome of the vote.

“They’ve chosen to empower & embrace unhinged leftist ideals—like those of disgraced Virginia Gov Northam—which are inhumane & pro-infanticide,” he wrote.

The senator wrote that he would “remain committed to fighting for policies that will protect the lives of the unborn.”

Other conservatives on Twitter reacted with shock and disdain. Pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha said the Democrats who voted down the bill “embraced evil.”

“Democrats just voted to let precious newborns suffer to death on cold steel surgical tables rather than mandate they get medical care,” said Newsmax TV host John Cardillo.

Some MSM outlets characterized the bill as “anti-abortion” rather than anti-infanticide. The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway corrected a Politico reporter:

Buck Sexton also complained about the language the MSM used to describe the bill.

Meanwhile, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) dishonestly called the bill “extremist” and “anti-science”:

Longtime pro-life warrior Father Frank Pavone urged pro-life voters to make the Democrats’ ghoulish embrace of infanticide an election issue.

“We do have a majority of senators willing to protect these babies,”  the national director of Priests for Life said in a live broadcast following the vote.

“Democrats who put the boundary line at birth — when you are absolutely without question going to protect a human life — well, this raises another disturbing question doesn’t it?” Pavone pointed out.  “And that is, where exactly do they draw that line? Right now — where do they draw that line?”

He added: “When we talk about these moral questions of life and death, we talk about the slippery slope. Well, the slippery slope is not just something that’s in the future. It’s like right now. Where do these people draw the line?”